Somali piracy: Armed guards to protect UK ships

Ships sailing under a British flag will be able to carry armed guards to protect them from pirates, the prime minister has announced.

David Cameron says he wants to combat the risks to shipping off the coast of Somalia, where 49 of the world's 53 hijackings last year took place.

No ship carrying armed security has yet been hijacked, the government claims.

Up to 200 vessels flying the red ensign - the British merchant navy flag - regularly sail close to Somalia.

Officials estimate that about 100 of those would immediately apply for permission to have armed guards.

It is thought many British-registered ships already carry armed guards, taking advantage of a grey area in the law.

Allowing ships to carry armed guards may fall foul of laws in other countries, though. Egypt recently announced that armed guards would not be permitted on ships sailing through the Suez canal.

BBC News - Somali piracy: Armed guards to protect UK ships

Don't why no one has had the idea of using Q Ships

Q-ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
at last the Govt have got their thumbs from up their arses and done what the rest have been doing for ages, firms offering SSO courses will be rubbing their hands, apparently using weapons at sea is different to land......
Mate of mine does this for a Korean company atm , Earns a good whack.
Funnily enough those that have armed gaurds get left well alone................

If said 'Armed Guards' slot a black jolly roger type will they be done for murder?.......
FFS how long has that taken?

However, Home Office cannot keep their nose out, so an all new licence scheme with the weapons limited to those that are are "appropriate and proportionate."

Only need one guess to work out how well that will go to start with
Who are these armed gaurds you speak off . are they the same as armed guards ???
See the red marks above for correction, and don't put spaces between the end of sentences and punctuation marks.

2/10 - must try harder.
Hasn't these been talked about for qute some time? IIRC there was talk of this in the '90s! Although there could be a geographic difference.

For weapon load, a couple of GPMGs/HMGs and a number of locations to mount them combined would be enough surely, no need for bofors, etc. SMGs or even sawn offs for close in work (ie if they got on board).

Is there a requirement for taking on the actual boat with a rocket or would a mix of spotting, incendary and AP rounds do the trick (ball to bulk the burst out as neccesary). Or should the self destructing rounds be used limiting the range of the round to self defence only.

Should our new designs of boats take in to consideration boarding parties? Is there a design feature (even in the gangways etc) that would make a ship more defencible? Or should we resort to netting over the decks.
I think you may be over-thinking this a little - a GPMG or similar mouted on a wing-bridge on each side would probably do the trick on its own.

Trying to clamber aboard a moving ship from a speedboat is going to be quite difficult at the best of times, let alone when someone's got your way up covered with an MG. Whilst the pirates may bring RPGs along to try and knock the position out, I can't imagine that firing at a position 80' above you from a boat is an easy shot when under fire.

It'll work for the time being, as the pirates - like all criminals - are opportunists. If you make life difficult for them, they'll try someone else (so probably best not to holiday in Kenya for the time being...)
What? Like armed blokes on boats designed for killing stuff!?! If we had enough we could spread them all round the world to assist in British security and trade protection.
We've got one of those already!!!

The RFA.

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