Somali appeal for foreign troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 20, 2009.

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  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    PMC firms. They can and do make a difference.

    Oh, no, forgot - the UN hates PMCs, as shown in Sierra Leone.
  3. Really is a mess out there. Aid agencies struggling to make any progress, with the fighting leading to the inevitable IDP problem, which is in danger of overwhelming the country. Shame there is a war on, HMF could have been ordered to assist.

    Expect bad TV pics anytime soon.
  4. Hmmm just what we need, another conflict!
  5. Refugees needing a home? aparently there are a few going free in Belfast, might be worth passing it on.

    On a more serious note, considering Africa is meant to be the birth place of civilisation, why is it, they are so far behind the rest of us when it comes to being civilised?

    Always some gobshite warlord wanting power, or some gobmint that forced its way into the hot seat killing its own people.
    How have they managed to stay so far behind the rest of us when it comes to advancement?

    I have my own views, but I wont hijack the thread, just wondered.

    It seems the further south or east you go on this planet, the further behind with regards to moral standards or ethical values they are, Oz/NZ aside of course
  6. Good job the 'spiv' Bliar is no longer in charge or he might be sending 'his' troops in order to impress President Obama.

    God forbid he does become President (for life) of the European Soviet Union because then he can deploy 'his' even bigger military.

    PS: When the 'spiv' is President, will no-one tell whether HM The Queen will be required to curtsey to Cherry Bliar?
  7. I distinctly remember this having been tried before in the same corner of the dark continent.

    Didn't work then and won't work this time.

    Better idea cut off all aid and let them starve, or eat each other. Sorry my compassion for the pant loads in somalia is zero.
  8. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Gren, you might find some of the ideas in this book quite informative, it discusses the environmental, geographical, biological, techlogical development of human society. (Don't worry I ain't attacking your views, just thought you might enjoy it).

    On a secondary note, I don't know about going into Somalia proper, but I would argue that there is very good cause to finally recognise and support the the breakaway state of Somaliland, formerly part of Somalia until 1991 when it declared independence, and a former British Protectorate from 1884-1960. Since Independence it has been a beacon of stability in the region, with democracy taking root.

    I have wittered elsewhere on this issue, in another thread:

    oh yes there it is.
  9. Oh christ, don't tell anyone in the governement. Hopefully they won't notice, and we won't have to go in and try sort them out.

    Serious note: It failed last time due to several different reasons, not least among them that there was a lack of suitably capable troops, and those that were there (American) although capable, had no idea how to conduct a counter insurgency war.

    With the amount they have learnt since then in that incredibly steep learning curve they had in 'I-raq' they would do a better job. Just don't involve us, for gods sake.
  10. Looking at the list of countries the Sheikh is looking to ask in, he obviously feels there isn't nearly enough rape and pillaging going on at the moment.