Solutions to the present difficulties

It seems the weapon of choice for the media at the moment is to make increasingly hysterical speculations about the defence review, and what is going to be decimated, i thought i'd add my own.

1.) If the infantry personal weapon reverted to the mark 1 Gladius there would be no further need for ammunition or bayonets.
2.) Perhaps the Red Arrows could be re-trained as a kite display team (side benefit of saving the rest of humanity from honking pilot chat.)

I'm sure there are many.
nothing would surprise me! The numbers involved are probably about right, but i can't see them lining everyone up and then dropping the axe after every 9th man. Following the prevailing media logic, it seems it would be easier to merely find the corps with the closest to 10,000 soldiers and just cut it....


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I was at dinner with the Assistant Chief of Defence Staff last night (no really I was!) and he said everything is going to be fine, I suggested to him that he should just bin the RAF and he gave a knowing smile and a sly nod.

Then we got really drunk and I think I insulted him.
hmm thats interesting, because GOC 4 Div (still not sure what he was doing in an OTC unit) reckoned we're going to lose 5-20% of personnel. I definitely got drunk in front of him. Though doubtless i shall bow to the chain of command in terms of knowledge :D

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