Solution to peace/war.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SmithsRail, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. An alien invasion or something along those lines.

    All countries would unite, religions would befriend one another, chavs/nice people would pull together.

    Quite simple really.
  2. The complete extermination of the human race. We seem incapable of spending the resources used in war on making enough stuff for everyone instead.

    Fcuk us, we deserve to die out. It's just a shame that we'll take so many other species with us.
  3. Give me a minute or two and I'm sure I can come up with some nice little bio-weapon... Bit like those things that kill the weeds on your lawn but not the lawn...

    I'll send you the bill before I test it...
  4. [​IMG]

    Lots of those.

    Select a few human specimens prior to turning the planet into a marble floored carpark, thaw them out once the background shit has died out a bit. Breed them selectively and ensure no ginger people get through the net. Et voila, perfect human race who will of course live in perfect harmony. Anyone who doesn't will obviously be killed.

    Oh, under no circumstances allow anyone to be religious.
  5. Aliens "Pffft" I sh1t em.

    Fcuk Will Smith and that Jewish Pratt. I've got some admin to do the day of the invasion but the following Thursday I'm free to fcuk em back off into outer space.

    As for the Solution to War. I think we should all just get off our t1ts on Bitter and sit around saying "I love you" until we die like George Best.
  6. Not to worry, it will be a peaceful place here on the Planet after 23rd December, 2012...

    Well, at leasta ccording to the Mayans and their Calendar 8O
  7. Err... Flashy... Problem with your plan...

    There'll be no nice tasty animals to eat... the survivors can't even go vegetarian because there'll be no guarantee of edible plants... By all accounts they'll have to live on Cockroaches and there's only a dozen or so recipes available for them...

    My plan will make sure we can still have a nice juicy steak...
  8. In all fairness to Flashy I'm sure we could have 'Noahs Ark-Royal' deployed with a bit of defence spending on NBC proofing it................

    Ah - Spotted a problem here. Who reckons the Secret Squillionairre would do it for us.

  9. We're doomed 8O
  10. Of course, I thought of that. We take an Aardvark, a Gnu and a Halibut with us in to stasis. We make them breed together and get the best of everything in one package. A fishy cow that'll eat all those fucking cockroaches.
  11. Save the space and take Amy Winehouse...
  12. He didn't say Talentless, Dirty, Horrible, skinny, Smelly, Mutant, Smack-Rat, with minging nashers and sh1t hair who is less lovable than that tw@t Pete Doherty now did he?
  13. Well... No, he didn't... You're right... But she still wouldn't take up much space and it would be fun force feeding the bitch cockroaches while she shakes uncontrollably in withdrawal... :D
  14. Unless you fed them Opium. That'd keep her quiet too. You wouldn't want her singing about rehab would you???
  15. 'arry Maskers is cheaper...