SOLUTION to all UK Army Problems, European Defense Issues


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I think I have nailed it.

Given that:
The British Army is a fine fighting force, but underfunded and under-equipped;
The use of said institution is a political hot potato for our fine and noble-minded government; and
There is clearly a need for at least one European Army that is (a)up for combat and (b) good at it:

I suggest PRIVATIZING the Army, rebranding it is "Blackwater" or perhaps "The New Model Army"* and - hey presto! - all our problems are solved!

The new army can charge what the private companies are making, which means all our lads get a pay rise, and all the kit they need/want;

The government can take its hands off, and so ther is no political fallout every time it goes into harm's way;

Future European defense against any bad boys is assured.

And in the meantime, the entire Army can be sub-contracted to the Pentagon for the War on Terror.

You read it here first. (And for any defense correspondents, defense under-secretaries, MPs or others reading this: Kindly bear in mind that it is Andy_S' intellectual property! If you execute, I expect my cut!)

*Hang on, both those are taken. Anyway, no sweat it's just a brand: I am sure the marketeeers will think of something.
Nay, Nay Lad.... as Mr Wilkes would state.... A New Euroland Army.... guess who will b doing all the 'War Fighting'....???

'Volunteered' by the Kommic Kommizzars of Euroland along wih El Presidente B'Liar.... or Komrade Broone as Head Shed in charge of the Euros Banks etc hahaha!!

I think its time I took some Sanity Pills this morning.... Yes!! Its another Bleddy Monday morning an' tis peeing wit rain...


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Hmmm - a precedence has been set - in India I believe. One that was so successful, it's been copied by the septics - yes, it is indeed Blackwater.