Solution for those 'in need' of extra medals

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Howler, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Why not have medals like the ACSM, NDM, QDJM etc available to buy for ex servicemen?

    You could apply through the medal office and if you qualify, eg 5 years service before 2012 (or whatever), you could have your records checked and the medal(s) sent to you like the present system for the Veterans badge.

    The price could be set quite high, maybe 200 quid per medal, and profits could go to a forces charity therefore not being a burden on the defence budget. Also would eradicate the wearing of gruesome 'commemerative' medals.

    I personally wouldn't bother, but many might and would be a win/win solution.

    Obviously serving members get them free as normal.
  2. No please not another one
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  3. Alternatively get a small piece of circular card, 2 milk bottle tops (gold is best) an old sock, a safety pin and some sticky back plastic and hey presto you have a medal all of your own.
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  4. Do they even still exist?
  5. Errr, not sure.
  6. Yes if you have a milkman, mine fetches a bottle every morning and two on saturdays. If anyone wants me to save them for medal making let me know. They are silver with red stripes so would look quite pretty.
  7. Not any more, although the medal office will issue replacements if you still have the bottles (or bottle:))
  8. Red stripe on your cornflakes?

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  9. I agree mate, any more and you'll look like a Yank. Anyway cant see the Commitee agreeing to the N.D.M purely from a cost point of view.
  10. You know full well I don't like cornflakes and I was referring to semi-skimmed homogenised cow juice!
  11. Googled "Gold Top Milk" and got this


    When I wanted this


  12. Personally I would have wanted the top one.
  13. Wouldn't work, they are cheaper on ebay!

  14. You can never have enough 'medal' threads. Nor can you ever have enough ******* to start them. Right, I'm off home for tea...and medals!
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