Solution for ending of Italian Job

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Dashing_Chap, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've just finished watching The Italian Job and I think I've worked out a way to get the gold. God knows how Hollywood could think it could remake such a classic, apparently they've done Get Carter and The French Connection too, it's preposterous.

    The problem consists of a bus being half over a cliff and the other half on the road. The gold is down the end of the bus overhanging the cliff and all the lads are at the other end. When one of the men (Michael Cain) edges forward to try and get the gold the added weight tilts the bus over the edge. This is when he says "Hang on lads, I've got an idea." The film ends and we never hear what it is, since then countless theories have arisen to how they could get the gold, the popular concept of draining the fuel tank wouldn't work because no-one can get out of the bus.

    I think I've cracked it though, has anyone else?



  2. Easiest would be to strip the cords out of the venetian blinds, lasso one of the crates of gold and pull it to the front of the bus.

    Alternatively call 803116 and the Italian Automobile Club will send a recovery vehicle. Simples.
  3. Everytime I watch that film I despair at the loss of the cars. Oh, and our Benny not doing his super speeded up perve thing!
  4. Use trousers tied together as lasoo
  5. Simple. Discover the secret of alchemy, transmute the gold into a baser metal causing the bus to tilt into safety, remove base metal to the roadside and transmute back into gold at your leisure.

    I'm surprised they didn't think of it sooner.
  6. BTW The French Connection is on Channel 4, the chase scene is just about to begin 8)

  7. Ya that's what I thought too.

  8. The vehicle ramp under MC's hand. Push it's leading edge under the higher gold stack, causing it to slide down towards him and then transfer it to the road end of the bus....wash and repeat!
  9. By the time that you've knotted them, you won't have much leg left.

    Start the engine and let it run at high revs. The fuel tank will empty. (Gradually). Bugger if the fuel tank is at the front, though.
  10. Not possible. Do you know how heavy those boxes of gold would weigh? You couldn't slip the ramp under them, even one at a time.
  11. All jump out, let the ******* bus fall, walk down collect Gold.
  12. Oh, I realise how heavy they would be! I was going on the picture and how badly stacked they are. It may be possible - with patience, to sort of coerse one to fall, giving enough weight for MC to maybe move a little closer to drag the next.
  13. "popular concept of draining the fuel tank wouldn't work because no-one can get out of the bus"

    Actually you could. You get someone in the drivers seat, with their foot on the pedal revving the engine in neutral until it burns the fuel.

  14. They could take their jackets off too and try to tie the arms together, I think Cain is close enough to get a loop of clothing around at least some of the gold. Then it's just a matter of trying to pull the bars forward. I think there's 10 blokes so 10 jackets/trousers all tied together should reach.

    And try to carry all that gold with no vehicle or transport? I spose the bus is stuck anyway so they don't have much choice.

  15. HHH

    HHH LE

    Or you could try this;

    In 2008, the Royal Society of Chemistry held a competition for a solution that had a basis in science, was to take not more than 30 minutes and not use a helicopter.[9] The idea was to promote greater understanding of science, and to highlight the 100th anniversary of the periodic table, of which gold is one of the 117 elements.[8]
    The winning entry, by John Godwin of Surrey, was to: Break and remove two large side windows just aft of the pivot point and let the glass fall outside to lose its weight. Break two windows over the two front axles; keep the broken glass on board to keep its weight for balance. Let a man out on a rope through the front broken windows (not to rest his weight on the ground) and he deflates all the bus's front tyres, to reduce the bus's rocking movement about its pivot point. Drain the fuel tank, which was aft of the pivot point; that changes the balance enough to let a man get out and gather heavy rocks to load the front of the bus. Unload the bus. Wait until a suitable vehicle passes on the road, and hijack it and carry the gold away in it.[10]

    From this link;
    The Italian Job - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia