Soltau Training Area

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by LeverBreachMechanism, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Just found this map in an attic. It started bringing back some (un)happy memories of days tracking down the wibbly wobbly way, yellow handbags in the tank bins, the showers in Rheinsehlen Camp which were more of a swamp than showers, night crossing on the bridge over the B3 and of course the ubiquitous Wolfgang.

    Drove up there recently and you wouldn't know the place.

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  2. LBM, good find! If I pm you my email addy, any chance of a decent copy?
  3. No probs, it was a bastard to scan mind
  4. That I can believe!...PM inbound! :)
  5. Rheinsehlen Camp ..... were the toilet blocks not of the " Roman Style " with a gulley of constantly running water under about 12 seats with chest high partitions so you could have a chat whilst shedding some weight .
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  6. Thanks LBM! It's arrived!!
  7. On a warm day you have just made a cold shiver go through me, A wet morass in winter and a dust bowl in the summer.
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  8. The large sharp L corner, top left, is where my Company Commander, the now legendary Lord Dannatt, took our mechanized company right out of the training area to attack some cocky sods, who had positioned themselves with their backs to the boundary, from the rear.

    I still use that tactic today!

  9. The local Green party aparently bankrupted themselves drilling boreholes looking for all the oil we spilt there. It seems that narrow thinking and politically not right-on bacteria had munched it all. I laarrffed i did.

    Plus most of the oil came out of Wolgang's bus......
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  10. Reinsehlen is now a hotel/outdoor complex. Just took a screeshot fm Google maps. All the Nissan accn has been pulled down and the hard standing is grown over

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  11. [​IMG]

    I didn't realise that the Japs had a car factory there.
  12. I knew it would only be a matter of time. Not correcting it now
  13. Memories.......Remember watching a Tank Regt doing a rolling replen.
    on the old hard standing and controlling two Kraut Phantoms in from
    the South, low as you like, sez I, the Tankies never heard them coming
    Bods, Pods and Deso all over the fcuking place...Oh, how we laughed
    before getting the Spartan as far away as possible, sharpish!
  14. That was obviously a Cavalry Regiment.
  15. Happy hours on the washdown point. Actually managed to get a POL laden Stally stuck on Soltau oh what fun, cost me a crate to get recovered by a Frog.