Soloution for chavs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Synergy, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Yes it has, but it is availible on Bebo
  2. At last a use for chav scum.
  3. Why has it been pulled? There is no law against it. Only the weakest chavs get caught and the pack of dogs (talking about the hounds, not the chavs) rip their throats out instantly so there is no suffering (sadly).

    The thieving porridgewog pederast currently occupying No10 should be able to sell licences for Chavhunting for good money (almost as much as was raised by the 3G telecom licences).

    Just a pity the cycloptic one is too busy implementing marxism throughout the nation to see the benefits of this idea (the only benefits he understands are those that blackmail the proletariat into voting for his abortion of a party).
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Hang on, hang on, wait a minute... read the comments... Is this possibe? are there some people out there who think being a chav is cool??? Good god, thats a top reason for extermination in itself, i never imagined you got deliberate chavs!
  5. Exactly the problem, it leaves only the strongest chavs remaining to breed a new race of Herrenchav.

    We need to be more systematic.
  6. Chavs. No sense of humour.

    My favourite quote from the Media was a silly cnut who said the video showed "Upper class schoolboys hunting and killing WORKING class Chavs."

    Since fcuking when did Chavs work?!
  7. upper class version of happy slapping? good show!
  8. The warden of Glenalmond College, Gordon Woods, said the film had been made by former pupils of the £23,000-a-year school.

    "I must stress it does not reflect the ethos of Glenalmond or that of the present community of boys and girls studying here. "

    In other words, a school where having standards is frowned upon.

    Yep I'd shell out that cash to send my kid there.

  9. Chav-hunting is all very well but as any working farmer will tell you, the hunt despatches a tenth of what keepers and farmers get rid off. So you can carry on hunting Chavs with dogs - I suspect they are probably mmals and hence it's illegal - but I will continue to shoot them, feed them to the pigs and sell their hatchbacks for a nice little earner.
  10. I have an excellent solution for chavs. 1 part sulphuric to 2 parts nitric.
  11. What is really needed is to get in and destroy the nest.
    Preferably whilst the entire brood are sat around pissed watching whatever chavs watch.
  12. highly amusing at last another use for our sponging underclass.

    I could think of another


    At least that way they can contribute to the combat effectivness of the Army instead of spending the money, that their contemporaries serving the country pay in tax, on drugs, fags and orangeboom lager.
  13. Are chavs classed as wild animals or just plain vermin? Hunting them with dogs would sadly now be illegal. Shooting, poisoning or gassing would seem to still be within the law. Having said that, in the Glenalmond video they are chased down with dogs then dispatched with a shotgun, so I don't think that any laws have been broken!

    Edited to add: Just watched it again, driven game is perfectly legal. Damned good sport too!