Solider to Officer Age Query

First of all, I know what the process for a TA Soldier going forward for Regular Officer Selection is. However, with the new age for officers starting RMAS being 26 for blokes who walk off the street, what is it for TA Soldiers? I've got a bloke in my CoC, who is 26, circumstances dictated that he's no longer in a job, so was looking at a regular comission if possible. Can we put him forward as a direct entrant? Nobody up my chain seems to know an answer and queries have been out for a weeks and left unanswered.

I've tried searching, but couldn't find an answer.

Thanks in advance.
I've had a friend who tried to do this, and he was told only the 4 jobs, RMP, ETS, MSO and another, are the ones he was eligible for, as they will accept you up to 28. Also I don't think Direct Entry into the regulars is possible, just have to apply with everyone else.
On the British Army website, it says as above for direct entry officers. Then this for soldier to officer:

"You can attend AOSB up to the age of 28 provided that you arrive at RMAS before your 29th Birthday. Your career profile and realistic potential as a DE officer must be carefully considered. It is vital to compare your prospects in the ranks and as a Late Entry Officer, against your long term prospects as a DE officer."

So, the point might be how willing they are to test TA soldier vs Regular soldier to allow a TA soldier over 26 to go for direct entry commission. Good luck.
Ack. Got a provisional answer that an internal application can be made, though I've also been told that this is not possible, so will have to see. He's a decent bloke, who should be at least given the chance to have a crack at the process. Thanks to all for the pointers and PMs.
I was wondering about that one...

Obviously you have until the age of 34 to rejoin if you served prior full time service... What if you come back before your 34 to try a Commission?

It seems silly that such a young age is the max nowadays... Especially as people are not leaving University until the age of 30!
It's because it's a young man's game and they have enough applicants at "normal" university leaving age (21/22), or even non-grads (18/19). It's all on a par these days - so the Grad only has 3 or 4 years, 4 or 5 if he did a gap yah of drinking and spending free money behind him).

There will obviously be some uber fit, uber capable people older than the cut off, but the Army can afford to be picky and chose to be picky in that way. Also, think of it later on - going through RMAS at 34 puts you eligible for Sub Unit Command at 43 (ish), in the running against 30/31/32 year olds. your other 43 year olds will be knocking on the door of Regimental/Battalion Command.

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