solider needs help

I hope somebody cvan help me, as I'm wracking my brains with worry at the moment after an encounter I had last night.
Botton line (no pun intended) is that I'm 90% straight, and every so often, like to explore the bi-sexual aspect of my nature. Subsequently, this led to a meeting last night with a guy whom I'd recently met on the internet. He seemed really nice, and very respectful of my limits, as our time together-from what I remember, just involved massage, and not a single kiss. However, we then started using a stimulant, which, ok, was chloroform, and I remained fully functional until ejaculation. At that point, I swear I must have passed out, because one minute he was playing with his penis, then the next, he was fully clothed, sat beside me, stroking me gently. However, I am now quite scared, as I have no idea if he took advantage of me, and penetrated me anally. If he had, it would have been the first time, although past girlfriends have used dildo's on me, which were uncomfortable. I remember that when I had sex with a girlfriend for the first time, my penis was sore for a day or two afterwards, but at the moment, 24 hours after the meeting, I feel nothing, and no different than usual (apart from a bad case of wind!) Would anyone be able to tell me if I am worrying too much, or as I have no 'symptoms' that there's any chance he could have taken advantage of me? I must add that this was all over very quickly, but I am rather scared, which is somewhat ironic, as I don't have any soreness or anything to complain about. I'm kinda new to this, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I call wah. However quite funny though, especially the bit about the bad case of wind the next morning... Blowing bubbles were we !!!
chloroform is not a stimulant, its an anesthetic and can kill. it does knock you out and lowers the rate of breathing and heart rate. death can follow very rapidly
Sounds like he forced air into your back passage, had you maintained conciousness, you could have parted your cheeks to let it out. Jarrod will be along shortly to explain rings round uranus
Maybe you should go and see the Regimental Medical Officer and explain your problem.... one is sure that a good scrub with Vim, Bleach and a Wire Brush will sort the old hoop out just in case.... If the Old Todjer starts sneezing.... then a quick injection of bleach, chilli peppers, vinegar and penicilin down the japs eye will sort anything out......
Stop being such a nancy and take it up the arse like a man you fucking prick tease. If you are going to go half gay at least have the decency to do it properly and not leave the other bloke hanging!
Hole! ..............
Sounds to me that he was shi**ing himself that you had snuffed it and was prepairing to do a runner when you came round!

90% straight? FU*K OFF your Bi so stop being a wet blouse and MTFU (or would GTFU be more appropriate)

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