Solid Silver Regimental Cufflinks

I just put this up to inform you that I now sell solid silver cufflinks engraved with your reimental badge on my site I remember how tough it was trying to get a decent set of cufflinks when I was serving, and ended up with thinly gold plated links from the Regt shop that looked as though the badge had been stamped on by a drunk Albainian welder.

Anyway... now you know... should you want a decent set.

And we can of course do specials if you've got the artwork.

Best regards,- C
Not bad Baldrick. Interested to see that you are giving away a free box of spunk with the condom holder. A Danish friend of mine always brings me some spunk when she comes to visit, the alcholic version is also good - like drinking Carvonia with vodka, but quality spunk all the same.

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