Solicitors forced to repay money.........Yes, its true!

This has really made my week. At last the ambulance chasing money grabbers have been found out. Some of them feel so guilty they are handing the money back without question. (They should be sued and forced to pay compensation! Now wouldn't that be poetic justice)

I am sick to death of Solicitors/Lawyers greed affecting our everyday lives.

Health and Safety
Human Rights
Equal opportunities
Where there's blame theres a claim etc etc.......

And as an example.

Passenger in Heathrow crash sues BA...........
I think he should be happy he is alive and any compensation he gets should be given to the pilot!

Rant over.....................................for now :wink:
Clearly a wind-up. Lawyers are the greatest parasites of our time. To even think that any of them have a conscience or anything approaching it stretches credibility too far. Any of them would give the Devil a BJ for the right price.
rockpile said:
Clearly a wind-up. Lawyers are the greatest parasites of our time. To even think that any of them have a conscience or anything approaching it stretches credibility too far. Any of them would give the Devil a BJ for the right price.
Not a wind up, some fairly chunky firms round here are coughing up respectable sums to ex miners and their families, mainly because at least one firm has been told by a High Court Judge he will put them out of business the hard way if they don't cough up the full sum without question
On two seperate occasions two solicitors tried to double charge me for work they claimed to have done.

The Law Society have a very good grievence procedure, if you have a case use it, it works!
Thank You for highlighting this.

This was a big thing in and around Sheffield, around the former pits. Look North, our local news programme, brought this up several years ago but have not transmitted any updates


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TheBigUn said:
And as an example.

Passenger in Heathrow crash sues BA...........
I think he should be happy he is alive and any compensation he gets should be given to the pilot!

Rant over.....................................for now :wink:
From the article
Personal injury lawyers have said passengers who had been traumatised by their experience could claim up to £85,000 on a "no-fault basis

£85k for walking away.....
Don't get me started on compo for injured servicemen
For once I am speechless :x
My father was a lawyer. He was 'thrown out' of his partnership because he refused to raise 'appropriate fees' for work done on behalf on the very poor. (In East Wales in the '50s and early '60s there were many 'very poor').
When he was thrown out I went to work in one of the local collieries and I have loathed 'lawyers' ever since (T.Bliar, W.M.F. Bliar, Straw, Sadiq Khan and dozens of others).
Lawyers and politicians are the new 'filth' in this once proud and honest country. They relegate estate agents, pimps and even paedophiles well down the list of those we despise.
My late father suffered from a respiratory disease after many years in the coal mines and I made a claim for compensation on my mother's behalf. The claim was handled by a firm of solicitors in South Wales and I have no complaints, they were very professional, handled everything and kept us well informed as the claim progressed. At the start of the claim, they made it clear that all their fees would be payed by the government and it would cost us nothing.
However, some solicitors in the Yorks and Notts areas have not only received their fees from the government but have also taken a further sum out of the compensation awarded to their clients. It is this sum that they are rightly having to repay. I believe that some former union officials were also involved in the scam.
The compensation awards are not enormous, say around two to three thousand, and only a very low form of life would take money meant for ill and elderly people. Their punishment should be a lot worse than just paying the money back
I took advice from a partnership a few years ago in order to aid a farmer in a civil action.

I used the, 'first half hour free' principal - Going from one firm to another as I gained knowledge before I arrived at this man's desk.

I eventually met the most honest Solicitor ever. I explained the case, he asked me about the circumstances of the the claim. I informed him that it involved a, 'matter of principal'

He put his pen down. He then told me that 'principal' was like like a cow full of milk.

One person would be pulling the cow by the head - the other person would be pulling the cow by the tail.

The Solicitor, would be milking the cow.

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I knew a very good solicitor a few years back called Tom Reah. He hated what he called city solicitors due to how they ripped off and charged folk. He helped a handful of soldiers and their partners's and never charged them a penny. One servicemen he helped in a case against the MOD that lasted for five years and he never asked for a penny. He sadly died before the case could go to court.
The serviceman then had to find another solicitor within a short time before a time limit was reached.

He eventfully found a firm. In the three months the serviceman was using that firm he was charged over £30.000 for work done. The slap in the face was that the soldier knew the work had already been done by Tom Reah. All the evidence needed had been collected and filed in the right place in relation to the argument ect, it only needed to be presented to the high court but he was trapped by the time limit.
To cut a long story short, the firm and its barrister did not do its homework or have a real grasp of the claim and buggered it up at the final stage, but still charged the poor sod for "work done"

Tom Reah
This thread is begining to highlight the ugly truth about those in the Armed Forces, who are forced to take legal action to force the Mod to accept their respinsibilities!

I was discharged in 92, I finally got a pre-court settlement of an ammount that today, you get for slipping on uneven paving stones. On top of which I was told I had to pay back the incapacity benifit and some sort of tax.

Our lass has just graduated with her LLB (Hons), next month she starts her Masters in employment, so she can go to work in one of the UK unions, to fight the cases in employment there. As it is not only th services who face such wrong doings.

Lets not forget, those who employ care little for those who because of an injury / ilness (work related) become in many cases unemployable. They also know it can take for ever, IF the individual can find a good solicitor and then it does not cost the earth, so many don't bother.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it is time that the European Courts are brought into play for all those ex servicemen and women the Mod have failed. Or at least ask you MEP's if there is president for such an action. Perhaps if one took action, or as a joint action of the many.

But it's finding a good solicitor, who does not charge the earth, these No Win No Fee are NOT the way forward, as they only take the simple cases, the easy to win ones.

Sorry to deviate, but this is a good time to bring these issues out and discuss for the many who the Mod will fail in their "Duty of Care"!
I am starting to get the impression that a few on this site have a touch of a Pavlovian response when it comes to discussing the merits (or not) of those in the legal profession. Here's a couple of examples of soldiers who were glad that they had access to good solicitors and will no doubt claim that they were very good value for money:

This is not to say that there are a few sheisters within the profession - you only need to look at the previous occupations of many of the sheisters who are employed in the Palace of Wesminster, but to jump on the bandwagon an accuse all of them of dubious practices takes it a bit far.
The solicitors involved have not only been tearing the arrse out of it. They have been breaking the law.
I studied law, but I'm right with the original poster. I went for it because I naively believed in human rights and justice, only to rapidly discover that law has almost nothing at all to do with those concepts. I decided not to follow it as a career as I'd prefer to keep a few moral principles. Since uni I have variously taught several lawyers and also worked as a full-time proofreader for the biggest law firm in Poland by client value ( a US outfit actually, but no names, no packdrill). Inside stories I could tell..... Thing is, most lawyers are under no illusions at all about precisely how scaley they actually are, in fact many bask in it. Having said that, as in anything generalisations are dangerous and there are some good ones. I got divorced in June and my Slovak lawyer ( a woman), who charges 3,000 korun an hour - to put that in perspective, the very best I can hope for as a teacher in the same marketplace is 500, and the average monthly salary is about 17,000 - and hasn't billed me yet. I even have a funny feeling I'm not going to be billed ever. Because I studied law, because she has a conscience? I really don't know, what I do know is it is a bloody miracle!
It has recently been suggested that lawyers should replace rats in medical laboratories. On the plus side the lab assistants don't get as attached to the lawyers as they did to the rats and there are more lawyers than rats. The down side is that it is harder to apply the results of experiments on lawyers to humans...

Why don't sharks attack lawyers after a shipwreck? Professional courtesy...

and finally...the third great lie, some of my best friends are lawyers!

Cuddles is here all week...try the veal! Tch-boom.
Nice one Cuddles!

What's the difference between a sperm and a lawyer?

The sperm has a one in 4 million chance of becoming a human being.

Tsingi lingi boum....which is Slovak for boom-boom!

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