Solheim Cup - Hot or Not

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CAARPS, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Good skills with a few hotties to boot

  2. Lesbians trying too hard and not very good

  3. I would rather rub a cheese grater on my Knob than watch Golf

  4. F*ck of and die you dull Scouse c*nt

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  1. So what is the collective wisdom of my fine sport supporting colleagues. Is woman's golf good quality sport or is it once again a bunch of Lesbicans who are just not very good
  2. I've heard it said if you want to watch good technique,watch the woman's,they rely on technique more than brute strength.
  3. Well, I can safely say, that this is not the most popular poll I have ever started :)
  4. Now I know what the Solheim Cup is, I'm underwhelmed. I suppose ladies golf is better than watching seriously obese blokes throwing darts. However either sport would encourage me to leave a plank out in the rain just to watch what happens.
  5. AAGF


    Take a letch at Gerina Piller - nice rack and hair down to her arrse. Oh, and she plays golf too ...
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  6. Only women's sports where camels toes are on show are worth watching.