Soldiers with PTSD rely on charities for treatment

Apologies if this is elsewhere - checked Int Cell, News & charities and couldn't find it:
The Scotsman: Soldiers with war trauma illness rely on charities for treatment
SCOTTISH war veterans with psychiatric disorders are having to turn to charities for treatment or wait up to two years for help on the NHS, according to support groups.

Former service personnel are suffering psychological trauma after harrowing tours in combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, as figures reveal a 22 per cent rise in referrals.

Statistics show that 108 servicemen in Scotland have sought help for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the past year, leaving charities struggling to cope.

Combat Stress, a charity which runs an Ayrshire treatment centre for ex-servicemen, has more than 1,000 veterans receiving counselling - ten of whom served in Iraq.

Last night Larry Cammock, chairman of the Gulf Veterans' Association, said many servicemen had committed suicide because they had not received the specialist help they needed. ...


Yup. This sort of problem has been mentioned as an aside in some PTSD topics. When it presented itself on me the NHS didn't want to know since I am ex-service. PTSD first surfaced for me 8 years after I was discharged but became a major problem a few years after that. Luckily I have a good employer and cover with a long term disability insurance company. The local mental health care team eventually managed to get me in at Combat Stress. CS are very, very good.

It seems from talking to others in the same boat that it is normal for the NHS to slope it's soldiers when it comes to treating ex-service people for phsical and mental health problems.