Soldiers With Earings.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maninblack, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    In the mid 80s we got a new RSM (a window licker of Titanic proportions)

    He started to inspect JNCO permanent staff accommodation every week wearing white gloves.

    He had a distinct hatred of earings in men and insisted on a weekly repeat of the message that soldiers were not to wear earing whilst in, or in the vicinity of military establishments on part ones.

    After the second repeat of this all the corporals went into Aldershot and got their ears pierced.

    Suddenly we could get served in Guildford pubs.

    It made me think tonight.

    How many ARRSE members had pierced ears whilst in the army? Who will admit to it?
  2. No. It's gay.

    end of.

    Unless youre a pirate, then it's quite hard.

    Cock/ sack piercings are different. Once knew a chap with his sack pierced, he used to hang his radox off it in the showere, 'kin hilarious to watch.
  3. I've had a double piercing in my left ear since I was fourteen (thirty years ago) as they are detachable I never had any problems. As I regularly download music and movies from the net I must be a Pirate AHAAAR
  4. Had my belly button done hurt like a cnut. kept catching it while working so it went all gungy had to remove it. good pulling chat up line though.
  5. You've got detachable ears? Where do you get them from?
  6. You'd think he'd have hearing problems when his ears are detached, but maybe it better facilitates downloading music and movies.
  7. Yep Ears Done and Cock too, if we are living in an Army that wants Equal Oppertunities then why cant i grow my hair long , tie it up during the day and wear sleepers to work.


    No No No

    Tattooed Biker Bloke yes....sad bit is by the time I get out Ill have no hair to grow
  8. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Admire your balls (not literally) mate, but I thought the girls only got this done? What! You are a lass (I fcuking hope you are!). Then RTF title thread it's like a Yorkie, meant only for MEN (and not chuffing mincers either) :twisted:
  9. Both ears, left one done in 1979, right one done in 1994. Last time I wore them was a couple of years back. The only people who seemed to moan about them are grump bast**ds still wearing Farah slacks, cardigans and slippers, and have a one sided opinion of the world that revolves around them :lol: .
  10. I once had a park railing through my leg. Does this count? Ears? Gay. Endex.
  11. I suspect the most common answer will be:

    Ears pierced before joining up (left ear only will be the majority), but not worn since. It is not gay, but just like the majority of soldiers will not let their hair get too long etc; most will not wear an earring anymore.

  12. Never had mine pierced. Soldiers with earrings??????? what like David Beckham, bit bling? or a nice little stud? Earrings are for Girls, chavs and the Dutch

    Huuurruummph outrageous