Soldier's Wife Attacked

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ACAB, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. It's no different to any other poor ****er who gets done over, I can't get outraged over it.
  2. Hate to agree with JP but how is it truly different from any other woman being done over?
    The whereabouts of her husband has nothing to do with it, unless they targeted her knowing that he was away and that could be a PERSEC issue of her own.

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  3. utter scumbags for attacking someone and using a child to do so.

    that is all
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  4. Using a child as a decoy? Might they be of a certain persuasion starting with 'P'?

    ETA; and utter ****s, goes without saying.
  5. Wot? Proletarian? Protestants? Portuguese?
  6. Perhaps.
  7. pikey.JPG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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  8. Would you have read if it had said person attacked! This whole soldier thing is wearing a bit thin now.
  9. Scumbags, yes. But I don't see what being a soldiers wife has anything to do with it.
  10. PERSEC is an important issue for the partners of those overseas and I learned to be very careful about telling anyone that my husband was away.

    For various reasons we bought our house in the late 90's - it was need of 'modernisation' and over the years we've done it up when we had the money for it. Before the husband goes overseas he goes through a list of 'be able to do' things with me - changing a tyre, checking the oil etc etc and stuff in the house as well. He also sticks up a list of phone numbers in the kitchen with every possible scenario covered. Before one of his trips (2001/02??), we had a lot of plumbing and electrical work done in the house and they seemed like nice lads - punctual and conscientious in their work and came well recommended from others. My husband mentioned that he was going overseas and told them he would put their names and numbers on his list and I would call them if I had any bother.

    He was only gone a few weeks and I came home from school, first thing I noticed that the house was in complete darkness - normally I leave a light on somewhere in the house - then inside nothing was working - no sockets, no lights, nothing. Called the electrician and he was over in about 30 minutes and sorted everything, turns out the new fuse box has arced (?).

    Then not long after that late on a Sunday night, there was a knock on the door - odd because we are down a quiet lane off a country road - of course I'm thinking the worst that something has happened to himself. I wasn't on my own as my mother and one of my sisters were over to stay for a few days, I answered the door and the 'friendly' electrician was standing there. Immediately I was relieved that it wasn't a padre and some token female but then I got a very bad feeling - he just stood there staring and not saying a word. I told him this wasn't a good time to be calling and he still didn't say a word or move - then my sister shouted from the kitchen and he just turned and ran.

    I was really shook after it and so grateful I wasn't on my own. I didn't tell my husband what happened until the next time he was going overseas. Once he received confirmation of when he was going I told him - he was livid I hadn't told him before. I asked him not to mention he was going overseas to anyone outside of who needed to know and anyone else to just say he was 'going away for a bit '. When he calmed down he agreed.

    Since then I have been very careful about what I say and to whom I say it and so is he.
  11. Fixed that........burglary is a lesser "property offence", robbery or aggravated theft is a much more serious crime against the person. That's why a conviction of robbery can mean any sentence up to and including life imprisonment, while burglary has a maximum sentence of 14 years (if the property was a dwelling, 10 years otherwise).
  12. You utter rotter.

    ALL soldiers are heroes. Even the ones who don't leave Camp Bastion or indeed have never seen an operational tour!
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  13. You had a tub of OMO in the window, didn't you? Serves you right for leading him on.