Soldiers vs Police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Apr 17, 2005.

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  1. OK, so it's the Dutch and they probably all sat around afterwards & passed the spliff & told each other how much they loved them...

    This is what the Dutch look like in Europe (look familiar?):


    and in sandpits (also strangely familiar?):

  2. Are you saying they're Brits on the outside and Yanks on the inside? <shudders>
  3. A great day in the ever-continuing international struggle between Toms and scuffers...the name of Weert should be breathed with the same reverential terms as we use to discuss the great Battle of Tidworth, the minor skirmish at Warcop Naafi (which involved the entire Cumbrian police force I think - yes, all three of them!) and the annual re-enactment of the battle of Arnhem on Aldershot High Street for Airborne forces Day!!

    Does anyone remember the Battle of Tidworth - was it '79 or '80?
  4. Oh, how I chuckle!!! Train people to kill, then send them on the pop!

    Ever wonder why garrison towns were built away from other towns?
  5. A mate of mine told a great story about being Duty Officer in the Death Star Falklands. One night he was called to one of the many bars to be greeted by lots of noise from inside and the Guard Commander plus guard and RMPs standing outside waiting for him.

    He opened the door to be greeted with a Blazing Saddles style bar room fight invloving circa 200 men. He took a look at the assembled nine man Gaurd, two monkeys and a dog and said "Any ideas?"
  6. up the QRF, the MO and fire 200 rounds of tranquilizer darts into the melee...I was the Guard Commander the night the Royal Hussars and the RAF Regiment went mental in Warcop Naafi. I was stood gob-smacked by the bar as a table flew towards me. As it slow-mo'ed its way to me the Naafi manager grabbed me by the collar and hoofed me into the relative safety of behind the bar.

    He pulled the shutters down, as a volley of pint-pots and bottles sailed in, then handed me the telephone and a pint of lager. We sat there until order was restored by the RSM of the RH - how does a 5'5" man subjugate 200 rock-apes to his will merely by shouting? Wish I knew - and the combined pickets, half the local plod and the Camp MT Sgt. I think he was just passing...

    Remember the Naafi chap who won the DSM in the Falklands? Well for sheer quickness of thought, aplomb and courage he could not have bettered my "new best mate" that night.
  7. Was there not an almighty brawl in Catterick between the Highlanders and the Royal Irish a while back? Heard the police dog got chucked through the window....dead.....
  8. Easy, let them get on with it and arrest the survivors :wink:
  9. 51 Fd Sqn and the Micks had a massive set too in the Death Star back in 1996. They had not been getting along and the RAF station commander thought it would be a fantastic idea to have a combined Christmas Lunch. Despite the OC's of the RES and the RIC suggesting that this was tantermount to incitement to riot the 'blue job' had his way.

    Within 5 miniutes of sitting down to be served by the officers the cat calls started,quickly followed by the roast spuds and brussel sprouts. It quickly evolved into a full blown riot up and down the corridors of MPA. One RAF bystander had his leg broken and had to be CASEVACED to blighty. The RAF police despite warnings from SSM 51, let loose the guard dogs both of which were subsequently killed by the rampaging mob.

    It killed off a few careers and made interesting front page reading in the Scum.
  10. Thiepval Naafi, 2001 (ish), Scots Guards vs HQNI Remfs (assorted Sigs & a few clerks). Must have been about 150 piling into each other. Cracking laugh with no serious injuries (that I remember)
  11. I am a copper. We once had to arrest a deserter.

    Thing is, this deserter rang up and said "I'm a deserter and I want to give myself up" to which the standard reply was "no probs mate, turn up at the nick and we'll have a cuppa, phone the RMP and/ or take you down the local Magistrates' Court. OK?"

    He said "Nah, I'm at 33 Acacia Avenue, come and get me."


    Anyway, we rock up at his address and to cut a long story short this inebriated squaddie kicked it off. He'd put away about a litre of supermarket whisky and was pished off about being dumped by his boiler of a girlfriend (he had the inevitable fat-bird-in-her-basque photos in his wallet). So does he wait to go back to wherever it was he was posted to kick it off with the RMP? Nope, he wants to have it out with us.

    When I was in uniform and confronted with danger I would invariably (A) run away and (B) get on the batphone and call in the TSG and a dog van. TSG blokes love this sort of thing whereas I'm a lover, not a fighter. Also, back in those days (only about twelve years ago, mind) your equipment consisted of a small wooden stick and a whistle, not all this robo-cop stuff you see on Modern Coppers.

    This guy was a real handful. The TSG (eventually) took him down, but not before the dog handlers deployed the furry exocet on him. Once he sobered up he was as good as gold, said sorry (etc). I think he was a guardsman (my mate at Chelsea began to hate guardsmen. A night out on the Kings Road costs a pte. about a month's pay so they tend to Go Large, bless 'em).

    So in conclusion, cops will usually call in some support when confronted with squaddies. They're all CS-proof too, apparently.

  12. A policeman's lot is not an 'appy one
  13. Ex infantry bloke transfers to the RMP. On his first night in Seven Lagers wades into his first punch up.

    Tries to restrain the first bloke he sees, who turns out to be old Platoon Sergeant.

    After the dust has settled he has to investigate the punch up to find, his old platoon has filled a load of monkeys in who had been gobbing off!

  14. it got really bad in the deathstar in 89/90 , the plod were going round in sixes , because people were waiting to ambush them in the corridors.

    we had several full blown riots on my tour.

    2 with the cheshires , who'd been on the same belize tour as us , and a few old scores got settled
    a couple with the Gordons , in the beirut accomodation we shared
    (ever seen 40 blokes trying to fight in a corridor 4 feet wide)
    and weekly with any of the other backsliding REMF's sometimes teaming up with the infantry lads we'd just finished scrapping with.

    boredom is a terrible fight starter. :)
  15. We subsequently decided that any incident involving squaddies was best dealt with with our elite, razor-sharp in-house cadre of ex-squaddies.