Soldiers vs Hooligans

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by no1cares, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. After watching the news last night and the 40 or so tw@ts in the black hoodies, I thought to myself - should soldiers be deployed at notorious football grounds to beat the fcuk out of mindless yobs?

  2. al-Zawra FC (Basrah)?

    Sangin Utd?

    Kabul Rovers?

    I thought we were there already...
  3. I think Basrah FCs' fans are better behaved than those cnuts from Manchester.
  4. The Navy would struggle to quieten a rowdy snooker match!
  5. They probably are, No1cares!!

    :D :lol:

    If we werent so thin on the ground, Im sure some of the lads would love a bit of Football Riot Control.

    Beats IEDs, that's for certain
  6. i reckon one look at faye would send them running !
  7. don't mention that fat waste of life on this thread please, there are enough threads going with her name in it if you want to go and touch yourself.
  8. Squaddies / Hooligans?

    Take average age from each group, add beer, and unless the Army has seriously changed since I left it, the results are pretty much the same :)

    Lets not kid ourselves gents, hooligans are just squaddies without orders, uniforms or discipline. We, as a people, like to fight. That's why we are different to the rest of the world and don't have the $ or the Euro.

    Not proud of them but what time served soldier can honestly say they have never been involved in or have elected not to prevent (when mates have been involved), similar circumstances?

    It is in the British nature to scrap. I remember being in kraut land and battling with the Royal Scots, this would be a friendly fight until the Sigs turned up at which point both us and the Jocks would turn on them, until the Krauts joined in, at which point all Brits would turn on them, until the Turks turned up at which point etc etc etc.

    We're all happy as long as we can be fighting with someone :)
  9. News just in : 15 RN personel have been take captive by rowdy crowds at Wimbledon.
  10. Whateva stella
  11. hmmm the T-427 Tactical Blast Stun Grenade, looks good to try..... :plotting: :plotting: :plotting:
  12. "This munition can be triggered by electric match or radio signal, to your specifications."

    Think of the fun to be had specifying mobile phone freqs.........