Soldiers Video Footage from Afghanistan and Iraq Wanted

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by soldier_stories, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Soldier's Video Footage from Afghanistan and/or Iraq Wanted

    We are independent documentary filmmakers, based in the UK, looking to make a film about soldiers' experiences of serving on active operations in Afghanistan and/or Iraq using video footage shot by soldiers themselves.

    We want to see footage of anything and everything that you thought worth filming. And it doesn't matter if it was shot on a mobile phone or a video camera, whether it's on tape or DVD, or what the quality is like. However, we'd prefer it if you sent us unedited footage as well as home movies.

    We have no hidden agenda and aren't looking to expose the next Abu Ghraib. We're more interested in telling stories about real soldiering life on and away from the battlefield, that aren't or can't be covered through traditional journalism. We promise to keep your identity confidential, so please don't send us any fakes.

    If you or your mates have footage you are willing to share, then you can contact us in confidence by email at or by telephone on 07813 011 859 or by post at PO Box 9739, Brentwood, CM14 9DJ.

    This post has been cleared with the ARRSE administration team.
  2. why don't you get out there and make some films then? :?
  3. Will you pay for them, or do you expect soldiers to donate out of civic duty?
  4. daz

    daz LE

    Call me suspicious but…. A mobile number rather than a landline, a PO Box instead of an address, and the Post office throws up a blank when asked for the corresponding address for the PO Box, sounds like a scam to me, shall we wait and see what the News of the screws are running as their lead story next week?
  5. It's probably some scumbag looking to produce a DVD and sell it on ebay with the intention of keeping all the proceeds to himself.
  6. Why don't you get your pay-as-you go camera phone and head off to Iraq/Afghanistan/Bradford?
  7. go on, type in iraq/afgan. contact the owner of the vid. et voila!

    you woulnt want my vids is just me pissing about in liberty swimming pool in baghdad. war is hell

  8. I am sure it has been cleared by ARRSE admin but what about Media Ops?

    There are channels for this so stop phishing...

  9. Could be a meejah conspiracy, eh Daz? You know, I think you could be onto something there. When I rang the mobile number, a gruff Australian voice said 'Hello, Dirty Digger here, how may I hinder?'
  10. The film makers are just trying to make Jackass the sequel on the cheap.
  11. Firstly, thanks to all of you for posting.

    The postcode issue. Many appologies. It is the right postcode or, at least, the one the Post Office gave us. However, I checked and I agree it comes up 'not found' on their website. I'm checking it out with the Post Office now. I'll post on here again as soon as I can confirm its correct and on the wesite, or make a correction.

    Why a PO Box? Because I work from home. However, if you want to meet us in person, I'm happy to arrange it. And why a mobile number? Hopefully more convenient and I don't actually have a landline at home.

    Is this a scam? No. Anyone who sends us footage which is used will be properly credited as they see fit. We will only use footgae for the film and wont sell it on or syndicate it.

    Will we pay for footage? No. Why? Because that's standard practice in making documentary films, so that there is no question of anyone doing something they wouldn't normally do. So is it your civic duty to contribute? No. It's entirely your choice.

    Should this be cleared with Media Ops? I think that's really a question for you. You have to be happy to share your footage with us. We will only reveal your identity with your prior permission.

    Why don't we go to Afghanistan or Iraq and make our own film? Because that would be repeating what the mainstream media has already done. If you think the average squaddies' experience on active service is being adequately reported on TV and in the press then fine. Personally, we don't think it is, which is why we wanted to make a film in this way.

    What kind of footage are we looking for?
    Anything. What you thought was important or fun to record at the time. Out on patrol, on stag, waiting around doing QRF, off-duty and enjoying a beer. Anything. We just want to get a flavour of what modern soldering is really like.

    Many thanks for your time.
  12. Oh god the pain...laughing too much...muscles cramping...classic
  13. Sweet! Dyslexia and Google, a killer combination.
  14. Interestingly, "Google Earth" does recognise the post code (but multimap does not) and you can see the location. If you then switch to "windows live" (similar to Google, but much higher definition) and look at the location, you get a very large corporate building. Go back to the map & it is named as "BT Offices"