Soldiers to receive £7m for better mental health care.


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Ever since the government was forced into admitting that ex forces had mental health problems there have been these amazing statements made about how much money and how brilliant the care is about to become,but in the last thirty years I have only seen a new sign put up at the University Hospital of Wales.Which is supposed to be one of the centers of ex military treatment, Talks cheap, Ill believe it when I see it and I wont bother holding my breath, If half of what we have been promised by f@cking thieving MPs had actually happened we would all be well sorted, living in luxury,with massive pensions
Not sure if this is where it will go, but Combat Stress are now at the point where they are "selling" their services to local NHS trusts, so perhaps that's where the extra will go towards. Of course, once it's in someones budget, they're going to spend it on whatever is biting their arse at the time... More Cancer drugs, baby life support machine, better office chairs, new artwork in the blind ward etc...

If that's indeed where it does go to, then it's not a bad sum for CS and hopefully will go a long way to getting help to where it's needed... Otherwise it's it's a drop in the ocean that will be lost before it's even received.

Would be interesting to see if CS get an increase of £7millions in their breakdown of costs and income next year.

I never trust reports like this. Unless you are in the know on exactly what the budget was and what exactly the budget will be, then the odds are they are just feeding us fudge.

New money is not mentioned... makes I suspicious.

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