Soldiers to Be - can you remember this bbc series??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Woody32, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody remember soldiers to be from about 1999, or was anybody you know on it....(bit waltish i know, but hey, i was wondering)
  2. Yeah that was well good :p hope they make a new one
  3. Loved the bit where the "Not the brightest soldier in the world" broke his bayonet. He went from borderline RTU to Infantry Hero over that as I remember.
  4. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Whilst carrying out the dubious honour of being Orderly Orifice in Bessbrook Mill mid 2000, I had occasion to visit the NAAFI bar to check on the 'strict' adherence to the 2 can rule. As I was chatting to some of the lads from the Battalion I happened to notice a familiar face close by (not from our Battalion but one of the guys from the LI who were on the old 6 week rotation thingy). I called him over and said 'hello mate'.

    'Umm, hello' he replied.

    'How's it going' said I.

    'Fine thanks.....umm, not meaning to be rude but I haven't broken the two can rule'

    'I know, I called you because I know you'

    'No you don't'

    'I do'

    'You don't'

    And so it carried on. Turns out he was the lad who was best recruit in 'Soldiers to Be'. Didn't I feel a right plank?!
  5. I was in norway '01 with a scouse bird off this show, she got bummed several times.
  6. Was in hospital in Bulford (poisoned by the cookhouse - no sh!t) and got talking to a scouse lass. She asked me 'Did you see the series?' then it dawned on me 'you're the girl who kept on failing her driving test arn't you?!! 'She turned bright red 'yep- that was me!'
  7. Remember it well, it was quality viewing!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Dont remember that one.....But I do remember 'Wa****s to be'...Or was that a bLair pre election speech?????
  9. I remember the Guards captain coming out with some cracking lines such as:

    'that fire support was pathetic, you know what to do, f*cking let rip, i hope i never have to go to war with you!'

    'excuse me a sec' turns away from camera and empties a mag on auto at a young soldier on the bayonet ex.

    Same officer, loving the camera a bit much rocked up in S'95 to an inspection, Colonel turns up and immediately says 'You are wearing incorrect uniform and your car is parked in the wrong place, i'll speak to you afterwards'.

  10. The Guards officer was highly entertaining- "I hope I never have to go to war with you if you're giving me my fire support, that was wet. You know what to do, f*cking let rip!"- Definitely the best quote in the series!

    Most amusing was the b*llocking delivered by the Sergeant to the platoon after failing said inspection- I counted well over 15 f*cks in under 30 secs!

    At the following inspection, the Major produced some excellent comments.

    When looking at a recruit's sheets; "Very kinky, very kinky- had they sold out of the black satin ones?!"

    Closely followed by, when examining a picture of a nubile young blond;
    Major: "Who's this?"
    Scouse recruit: "My ex-bird sir"
    Major: "What did you bin her for?"
    Scouse recruit: "A better one sir!"
  11. One of the worse bits is when they were talking to the L/Sgt from the Grens I think, after he had just turfed the Reds room upside down.

    It was bad enough he was in civvies, but what made it worse is he had a few beers inside him and sounded like a mong.
  12. does anyone know where i can get a copy from please?

    BTW Channel 4 online archive holds copies of documentaries such as P Company, although i havent been able to save them - only watch them online

    cheers onfire
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  13. The bird that kept failing her driving test was the veggie that threw her teddies on the survival training.

    I remember thinking "just what the army needs" :roll:

    There was the DS that went nuts at the bird that was running while firing her rifle. She was waving it around like she was doing semaphore while on full auto :D
  14. There was the jock sergeant on the CFT as well who thought the lad who had dropped back a couple of hundred metres was jacking, que said sergeant sprinting back shouting in the thickest most inaudible accent 'hey you, you are just f*cking spineless' Then on realisation of how shagged the lad is 'Smudger, take his rifle, i must be mad', of runs sergeant with soldiers bergen balanced on top of his followed by hobbling soldier with webbing and corporal with 2 rifles.
  15. yes, was at winchester when it was being filmed. a few blokes copped it after it was viewed. mind you a few of the female recruits were copping it every where!