Soldiers 'tied and tortured' at camp

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by northern-matelot, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Soldiers ‘tied and tortured at base’ | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys

    Ok it's from The Sun, so a pinch of salt is needed, but it appears that a Lance Jack has flipped up at Caterick, tied up 2 new recruits, tortured and tried to kidnap them. Currently the papaers state that an insider has claimed he's suffered a mental breakdown after returning from Afghanistan in 2010. One of the recruits managed to escape preventing the kidnap of himself and his oppo.

    Wonder what will come of the following investigation?
  2. Slapped wrist, followed by a cuddle and then sent on a "arctic-warfare juniors course" or something similar (then again it could be an automatic draft to Deepcut) is my guess. :)

    If you mean the reasons for it happening, that come out of the investigation then see the many PTSD threads on here and other sites.
  3. I feel for them, I was kidnapped, beasted, tied up, hooded, given water torture, abused and beaten by a Cpl for 30 weeks during my basic training, he was a combat veteran. Falklands and NI. What's the biggy?
  4. You should write a book, something like "Fifty Shades of Basic" - it would be a best seller!

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  5. Sounds to me like the Lance Jack needs to go on a "ropes and lashings" course.
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  6. See if he'd been a matelot he would have picked up how to be propper bends and hitches in week 6 of phase 1, no need for extra adquals courses.
  7. Some blokes pay good money for this sort of thing.
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  8. 2/3rds of this article is quoted to " A Source" This is out of character of the Sun newspaper , it is usually the premier daily and never normally relies on making shit up .
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  9. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    when can i re- join , i have to pay to be tied up and beaten these days .
  10. who paid your ransom ?
  11. Doubt this involved Recruits in training Lance Jacks do not instruct Recruits At ITC catterick.

    1 Mercian is actualy based in Catterick on the other side of the Garrison.
  12. I feel your pain. Now get down and give me twenty, sprog! :wink:
  13. well you get the Admin LCpl in every Plt, the recruits must've been little hotties if A) they were too weak to stand up to him 2 vs 1 and B) he was taking them off camp to play with in a quiet part of Yorkshire.
  14. It's in the Sun, and a quick google doesn't show it in a reputable newspaper or the Daily Mail - so I shall assume it's bollocks until a real source features it.
  15. I'm with (not with) Mattb on this one. Sounds like a load of bollocks to me.