Soldiers thought teenager was at least 16

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Israeli soldiers accused of raping children - makes a change from shooting them, I suppose....
  2. There are other unusual aspects of this story.

    There was a publication ban. What about freedom of speech? Previously I though that Israel is 100% democratic country.

    A 13yo girl freely goes in and out a military base. Is it an army after that?

    Does it mean that Israeli soldiers regard women-soldiers from a specific angle?

    The girl did not attend school. How it is possible in a modern democratic country?
  3. Non story Sergei - a group of soldiers have sex with a girl they reasonably believed to be above the age of consent.

    Very sadly this happens everywhere. If a girl looks and acts old enough, and young men have consensual sex with her, then one has to trust to the legal system to administer wise justice. We have very strict laws in this country about such things (and quite rightly too), sadly we have young girls who are happy to dress and act much older.

    There is a differance between young men having sex with a girl they believe to be of legal age, and any man taking advantage of someone they know to be underage. Both events are crimes, but it is for the judge and jury to work out the punishment having heard all of the facts of the case.
  4. Mushroom!

    If it happens outside a military base then it would be non story indeed. In any 'normal' army even a presence of unauthorised civilian (moreover a child) inside a military base is a severe violation of military order. Turning an army into a brothel is a clear mark of degradation. I hope you see the difference now.
  5. Seen this happen in Germany.

    we were in the NAAFI bop on a friday night and one off my oppos spots a lass we hadnt clocked before. (we were army on a RAF Base). She looked 18, strikingly attractive too.

    My oppo wanders up to said new bint and said "hello"

    She said things back, he came over.....

    Said "shes new, just got here apparently, ATC"

    Ahhhhhh we all said - we will all meet her in due course because we looked after the comms in the Air Traffic Control.

    He takes her back to his pit for consensual sex. 30 min later he is being dragged out naked by the snow drops, she is quietly being escorted away wrapped in a blanket by a fat flight sgt... ATC = Air Training Corps in this instance. (she was 15)

    They were on an annual camp. staying in transit accomodation, and she snook out the ground floor window, wearing a sexy black dress, waited by the fire exit of the naafi bop and when some rockape went through it to throw up she entered - by passing the ID Card check on the front door.

    oppo has the book thrown at him followed by the book case and a few chairs. Colchester, Dishonerable discharge, Civvy nick.

    She got grounded.

    Sometimes the system sucks.

    In this case - we were in the NAAFI, ID Checks are carried out, on an opperational base. we assumed everyone in the disco was 18+ and serving or "Wife of"

  6. Whilst not excusing paedophiles in any way, shape or form, I do have sympathy for blokes who approach a girl thinking that she's of legal age because I certainly can't tell how old girls are these days. My friend has a 13 year old daughter: if I didn't know better I'd say that she was at least 17 and her best friend, who is actually 4 months younger, looks early 20s! It's not just that girls are wearing 'older' clothes and make-up these days, it's their physical development and that their (often) hard-faced attitudes belie their age. Evolution is responsible for their physical development; society's obsession with sex has a lot to do with the reduced period of childhood.
  7. Sergei - the British take a very different view on many matters, from the Russians. This is an issue that we will not agree on. I note that you post a report about the IDA having consensual sex with a minor but have never made any comment about the activities of other 'armies' in Africa where rape is used as a means of waging war. What those Israeli soldiers did was wrong and doubtless they will face proper disciplinary action, but set against the activities of armed groups elsewhere it is very small beer.
  8. Sergei, when are you going to comment on the numbers of German women and children raped by the glorious Red Army when they advanced through Germany during WW2? Before you throw stones at other countries you should ensure that your own is without reproach.
  9. Mushroom!

    You even can't imagine how similar are our views. Looking at '9' sometimes the British tend to regard it as '6' but as for the shape then there is no difference in the views. (Reffering to '9' and '6' I mean specific British and Russian intersts, that are different of course).

    Let's test the similarity ot our views:

    1. Have you made such comments yourself? Probably no.
    2. Do you regard African 'armies' as real armies? Probably no. They are rather armed crowds.
    3. Can we say that they are armies in democratic countries? Probably no.
    4. Do you agree that an army in a democratic state should meet the hights standards? Probably yes.

    If you disagree with my 'probably' then let me know.

    By contrast the case is regarded by the IAF as extremely serious.;_ylt=Aukrp4N0TVR0urGdJV9luq1w24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--


    This question had been discussed in this thread

    I asked about even one proven example of a 'mass rape' in Germany with place (village, town), date and a number of raped. I hadn't recieved even one example described in reliable news-source (BBC, Reuters, AFP, leading newspapers and so on).

    In this thread I showed what do I expect.
  10. Not a 49 Para story.

    When I was down south, after the Stanley races (yawn) we were invited onboard HMS Fcuk Knows, a submarine of the dirty grey class. In the wardroom which is in fact a small cupboard, I had the pleasure (?) of a spotty female oink of a Benny sitting on my lap. It was warm in there and things came up so I went upstairs and sat on the flat bit outside with six cans of Carlsberg for company and waited for things to subside.

    The legal age of consent, I seem to remember was twelve, it could have been fourteen but we had been warned about jailbait and I prefer my women to be past the five times table and not to have to buy them magazines to colour in.

    The girl looked older than she was but in the end it was irrelevant as the Navy used to collect them most nights and take them away to further Naval-Benny relations. Still, there was always the sheep.
  11. Out of the theme. Are Bennies indeed so stupid?
  12. Only those I couldn't get a sensible answer from.

    Sorry about the off topic but jailbait is jailbait.

  13. I was waiting for your angle on this. :roll:
  14. Sadly, I don't think the IDF have a monopoly on this.

    A couple of years ago in Germany a schoolgirl was allegedly gang-raped by British soldiers. She was over the age of consent, but during the investigation it emerged that a number of underage girls regularly got wrecked in the NAAFI and then spent the night with soldiers in barrack blocks. This was despite a recent campaign to prevent underage drinking in garrison.

    Many of the underage drinkers were from the SCE boarding school, and should have been bed-checked; this wasn't happening. Other boarders had 'signed-out' and were supposed to be staying with the parents of friends in garrison. I was stunned to hear one mother, denying that her children could be caught up in this, say that her daughter and her boarding school friends went out at 2030 on Saturday but didn't return until 0700 on Sunday - where did she think they'd been, and what did she think they were doing? NAAFI staff claimed that it was impossible to stop underage drinkers, as if no-one had an ID card.

    In another case, two AWOL soldiers were found in a local hotel with two 13 year-old girls from the patch, neither of whom had been reported missing by parents.

    So, it's not just that children may look older than they really are - lack of parental guidance and adult supervision also has a part to play.