Soldiers take on Cheryl Cole

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 10BA09, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. good luck to them,
  2. not heard their song yet.
  3. me neither but its gotta be better than the drivvle that cheryl cole spouts
  4. The title was slightly misleading, I was thinking of a 4 vs 1 cage match, or a 'leaked' video. Yes, I know it's not the NAAFI.

    Actually, I'll admit to quite liking Mrs Cole's song, plus it helps that she's quite easy on the eyes.
  5. Hell! I wouldn't even mind if she sang like a coalminer with dustlungs ! :D
  6. Sounds pretty good.
    The 'B' side is "Get 'em down you zulu warrior!" with a video showing them all doing the dance of the flaming arrseholes.
  7. They're gonna need it! The song's arrse.

    My money's on Ms Cole.....that and my manfat if I had my way.
  8. Agree. Fair play and good luck to them but by God the songs are horrible.. I guess it's a stab at getting the middle aged mothers to buy it.

    Perhaps some guys could get together and produce something worth buying for it's own sake?
  9. Their song is fcuking awful. They'd do better to do a sponsored bike ride to make money for H4H.
  10. A cracking song if you are 9 years old and mental on Action Man dolls and Warlord comics but in reality an utterly corny experience with lyrics that make you cringe. Fair play to the lads for the charity work mind you!

    I heard Mark Knopflers effort on BFBS this morning - class act and up there with Brothers in Arms (IMO)

    Its called 'Remembrance Day' and actually makes you think about what he is tryintg to say rather than trying to spoon feed some sentimental emotional crap to a 10 year old.

    Lyrics here and the tune goes like this "Dum de dee la dum de dee duuuum la la dee"

    On your maypole green
    See the winding morris men
    Angry Alfie, Bill and Ken
    Waving hankies, sticks and books
    All the earthen roofs

    Standing at the crease
    The batsman takes a look around
    The boys are fielding on home ground
    The steeple sharp against the blue
    When I think of you

    Sam and Andy
    Jack and John
    Charlie, Martin
    Jamie, Ron
    Harry, Stephen
    Will and Don
    Matthew, Michael

    On and on

    We will remember them
    Remember them
    Remember them

    We will remember them
    Remember them
    Remember them

    Time has slipped away
    The Summer sky to Autumn yields
    A haze of smoke across the fields
    Let's sup and fight another round
    And walk the stublbed ground

    When November brings
    The poppies on Remembrance Day
    When the vicar comes to say
    Lest we forget our sons

    We will remember them
    Remember them
    Remember them

    We will remember them
    Remember them
    Remember them

    We will remember them
    Remember them
    Remember them

    We will remember them
    Remember them
    Remember them

    (C) Knopfler 2009 - just in case he thinks I am trying to cash in......the big jock c*nt
  11. Ah right. Something to do with music. So me sitting sock in hand hoping for a link to a "special interest look-a-like" type website - out of luck then, yes?

    What a mistake. And now they are going to throw me off the train too.
  12. Is she the professinal Geordie one.Like.?
  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nuts!

    I was misled by the subject heading too. Pffffff.... greased meself up for nuffin' innit! :x