Soldiers Support Group Darwen WE NEED YOU TO ENJOY YOURSELVES! 3/9/11

.....Darwen 1940's day ....on-leave soldiers invited to attend and take part in ten minute midday commemorative parade in 'THE MOST PATRIOTIC TOWN IN BRITAIN' officially named by national newspaper. There's a special secure changing room for all soldiers to change in and out of civves for this ten minute parade. No speeches or strings attached. Then, in civvies, you're invited to the town centre Bridgewater Pub where, on production of your warrant card, you'll enjoy FREE specially-brewed local beer 'THE LIONS PRIDE' and FREE buffet. It's our way of saying a huge thank you to you all. The Soldiers Support Group Darwen's made up of just six mothers, formed as a reaction to the never-ending TV coverage of returning coffins. In the last two years we've raised over £8,000 for army charities and are now partners with the ABF (who'll also be there). Unfortunately the Duke of Lancaster's - after many meetings - can't 'officially' march because of commitments 'tho will have recruitment stand. That's where you come in - FROM ANY REGIMENT WHEREVER YOU ARE! Veterans and British Legion, army cadets etc. parading behind you and will be thrilled and proud if you'd help us? Ring me (Carol Tapp) for catering purposes (after army permission of course) on 01254702972. Our guest of honour's (serving soldier) already received permission from his CO. We appreciate your time's precious when on leave, but we can assure you it'll be a great day for you all.

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