Soldiers supply guns to criminals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 16, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Some British army weapons are finding their way into the hands of criminal gangs - and a former Royal Military Police investigator believes they may be ill-equipped to stop it.

    Mark is in his 30s and he says he now lives a quiet life. But in the 1990s, he had links with criminal gangs in Manchester.

    He claims to have bought hundreds of guns to hire out to his associates for use in serious crime, and they would often come from an unlikely source - the armed forces.

  2. Also on Radio 4 today program at around 0705

  3. Most as I recall were issued to the Iraqi police and then made it back to the UK........
  4. These are different weapons If I understood the story correctly. The weapons mentioned on the Today programme were Brownings. None of those got issued to the IPS IIRC.
  5. The Police and the BBC are both very economical with actual facts. The MoD's lost/stolen figures are very tiny in comparison to the overall number of guns used in crime in UK, and I've not even heard of a court case where a gun was proved to be recent ex-Army (recent as in stolen for the purpose of criminal sale within the past 20 years or so, as opposed to WW2 loft relics, etc).

    The talk of "Brownings" is highly speculative - hundreds of thousands of GP35s were sold around the world since WW2, and many WW2 items have been in criminal circulation for decades. UK MoD's own large stock of Mk1 HiPowers were sold as surplus years ago, so a UK military-marked pistol used in crime may never have been stolen or lost from service anyway.

  6. WPC shot with an Army Browning…
  7. Heard on the radio news (it was BFBS though) that 60% of weapons used in gun crime come from the Armed forces. Now, I have no idea about gun crime figures etc but that would seem an awful lot of ex-military weapons - didn't realise blokes were so careless. (Apart from that dozy bint who left her pistol in a Sainsbury's toilet of course).

    Big improvement on your avatar there msr.
  8. QED:

    That pistol was identified as an ex-Army weapon, but - at the time of that report - not in any way linked to a specific theft/loss from service. May have been bought in a Wal-Mart in US, where many ex-MoD Brownings ended up.
  9. This sounds somewhat like the speculative press releases given out by various government departments right before the government wants to ban something. Just think back:

    1996/1997: any firearms crime involving a handgun was reported as possibly linked to FAC holders
    a couple of years ago: any firearms crime in involving a handgun was reported as possibly involving a "converted replica".

    All entirely speculative and not backed up with either facts or statistics, of course.
  10. Probably. However we discussed this in detail and didn't seem convinced by the evidence at the time:

    Bound to have happened at some point I suppose.