Soldiers Stand By To Deliver Petrol Supplies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. Quick mention on BBC radio 5 live news this morning

    Sky News

    Hundreds of soldiers are being lined up to stand in for petrol tanker drivers threatening strike action next month.

    The Army and police are on standby to ensure fuel deliveries do not grind to a halt resulting in the same chaos that hit Tony Blair's government in 2000.

    Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said the Government had "learnt the lessons" of the past and stood "ready to act" if members of the Unite union walk out.

    The results of a strike ballot of 2,000 tanker drivers are expected tomorrow and a strike could begin from April 3.

    Mr Maude appealed to the union and employers, including DHL and BP, to come to an agreement that averts industrial action.

    But contingency plans are in place that could see soldiers being called in to drive tankers and police preventing blockades.

    Army Lined Up To Stand In For Petrol Tanker Drivers Threatening Strike Action Next Month | UK News | Sky News
  2. These ******* get around FORTY FIVE GRAND a year to drive a ****ing lorry, exactly what are they winging about? If it's that bad do one and let some other poor sod have a go. Once again they're wheeling out the army (on considerably less than 45k a year) to stand in for some poor hard done by over worked, underpaid darlings. Put this along side the massive cost of the policing operation which will be required and they're going to add even more misery to an already shagged economy, well done fellas.

    How exactly do they justify their wage, I can't recall the last time I heard of a tanker driver getting KIA? They're right up there with tube drivers for me (another bunch of severely overpaid militant ***** who delight in ****ing about the Great British public).

    On the up side we've got bunkered fuel at work and I'll be able to fill my car up to get there but still...........
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  3. What are they striking for Is it more pay or lower fuel prices? If it's the fuel price then I'm with them all the way the only way to make this Government to carry out the will of the people is to force them to. It's a disgrace that we pay the most amount of tax on fuel in the world!! have a look at and see what you think.

    And rant over.........
  4. IIRC better working conditions, there's more info here

    I'm still baffled why the Government does'nt take the approach which, I know won't please all:

    Removing Vehicle Excise Duty (Vehicle tax) & focus on the Fuel price in total, result all these non-taxed European/Overseas haulage trucks entering the UK have no choice but also pay their way while in the UK.

    Result: everyone is on a level playing field & equally more revenue for Treasury.
  5. will have enough fuel to get to work for 2 weeks.
    and may get the chance to refuel at work.
    once the panic sets in the country will be dry within 2 days.
    and take a week to get back to normal!

    oh and for 40k a year i would drive a tanker.
  6. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    The Scarey One just asked if any soldiers would be able/know how to drive a tanker... FFS
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  7. Actually a very pertinent question,going by some bufoons I've seen with MOD Driving Permits.
    That said,maybe one of my old muckers could call by and deliver me a few thousand litres?
  8. Just how many ADR Qualified drivers do the Army have?

    Not enough to cover the tanker strike, I'd bet!

    ****ing greedy tanker drivers.........sack the lot! They're already overpaid!
  9. I'd tell them to poke it! And give squaddies tax free fuel too! The bastards.
  10. The more industrial action the better as far as I'm concerned. It's for too long this govt has ran roughshod over the working man. I'd love to see the Doctors and Nurses strike.
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  11. Sorry Big J. I thought you said "working man" there for a moment!
  12. No the last govt were no better unless you were on benefits or an asylum seeker. The Tory's cut then employ agency staff at higher costs, then decide its too expensive.

  13. No the working man got nothing from the last government.

    It was the wasters who don't work or play the soft touch
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  14. And yet the working man still voted red.
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