Soldiers speaking out

Cripes. Interview without coffee for someone I think!
What did they think would happen allowing a sky reporter lose like that? What a complete tit! (Not the RA guy)
At least he has had the courage to say on camera what most of us here know to be this case it was a serving individual in future it will hopefully be BAFF :eek: :eek:

Incidently good luck fella........I survived such a public encounter and the wrath of the CoC lets hope you do too; if nothing else you've had the balls to tell the truth on cameara and without worrying about your next honour :twisted: :twisted:
Hope the beancounters and REMFs back in the UK see this. Very well put by that soldier, liked his style.
I hope the Times and Scum milk this for all it is worth... :twisted:

The truth manipulators in "Corporate Communications" will be fuming.
Its all assumed that he will get a massive bollocking - surely he can just quote the values and standards of the British Army - Integrity, honesty etc etc etc

oops forgot doesnt apply if someone wants to tear you a new arrsehole!
He's only saying what the rest of the Army already know, surprised his CO gave the press that much freedom. Well done fella, if the top brass decide to punish him then there only painting over a cracked wall. Hopefully somebody will think about reasons he felt like the outburst rather than their own career.
Hansard quote: "As I have already said to the House, it is open to commanders to deploy vehicles that have heavier protection than the Snatch Land Rover and they have to make— [Interruption.] Other vehicles are available to them; there is a choice. However, commanders must be free to make decisions in relation to the operations for which they deploy soldiers."

Only one response really - and well put by the tom on the ground. If we had better kit we would use it. When there is only snatch available we can aither sit in camp and do nothing, or use the miserable kit issued and try to make a difference on the ground. To do anything else would be a waste of time and we might as well come theres a thought!


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we are always told to be truthful when interviewed. If he was told not to discuss that kind of thing before hand then a bollocking will ensue. If nothing was said to be off limits, then there shouold not be a problem...
Nobody else has had the balls to do it on camera, and it takes a young tom to do just that.

Well done that man. He deserves a medal not a bollocking. Lets get rid of this old fashioned attitude of "ur the army so get on with it" and lets start thinking about saving lives and protecting ourselves.

I hope somebody now sits up and listens.
If he gets a bollocking then whoever delivers it needs a sound boot in the arse - why should the truth be hidden; if the vehicle is not appropriate for the task then let the politicians and the civil servants have the courage to stand up and admit it, instead of hiding behind mealy-mouthed words. They ought to spend a day in one themselves, to establish the truth.

Good for that young gunner say I - the truth should never be a victim. At least he had the gumption to say the truth.
Letterwritingman said:
At least he has had the courage to say on camera what most of us here know to be this case it was a serving individual in future it will hopefully be BAFF :eek: :
well said - my thoughts entirely

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