Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ArseyMO, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone remember a song called "Soldier's Song", about a soldier in Belfast who throws himself on top of an IED. Racking my brain to remember who sang it with no joy.
  2. *************************************
    "SOLDIER IN A STATION" By: Harvey Andrews

    In a station in the city, a British soldier stood
    Talking to the people there, if the people would
    Some just stared in hatred and others turned in pain
    And the lonely British soldier, wished he was back home again

    'Come join the British Army' said the posters in his town
    'See the world and have your fun, come serve before the Crown'
    The jobs were hard to come by and he could not face the dole
    So he took his country's shilling and enlisted on the roll

    For there was no fear of fighting, the Empire long was lost
    Just ten years in the army, getting paid for being bossed
    Then leave a man experienced, a man who's made the grade
    A medal and a pension, some memories and a trade

    Then came the call to Ireland as the call has come before
    Another bloody chapter in an endless Civil War
    The priests they stood on both sides, the priests they stood behind
    Another fight in Jesus' name, the blind against the blind

    The soldier stood between them, between the whistling stones
    And then the broken bottles, that led to broken bones
    The petrol bombs that burned his hand, the nails that pierced his skin
    And wished that he had stayed at home surrounded by his kin

    The station filled with people, the soldier soon was bored
    But better in the station than where the people warred
    The room filled up with mothers, with daughters and with sons
    Who stared with itchy fingers at the soldier and his guns

    A yell of fear, a screech of brakes, a shattering of glass
    The window of the station broke to let the package pass
    The scream came from the mothers as they ran toward the door
    Dragging children crying from the bomb upon the floor

    The soldier stood and could not move, his gun he could not use
    He knew the bomb had seconds left, not minutes on the fuse
    He could not run to pick it up and throw it on the street
    There were far too many people there, too many running feet.
    'Take cover' yelled the soldier, 'take cover for your lives'
    And the Irishmen threw down their young and stood before their wives
    They turned toward the soldier, their eyes alive with fear
    'For God's sake, save our children or they'll end their short lives here'

    The soldier moved towards the bomb, his stomach like a stone
    'Why was this his battle, God, why was he alone?'
    He lay down on the package and he murmured one farewell
    To those at home in England, to those he loved so well

    He saw the sights of summer, felt the wind upon his brow
    The young girls in the city park, how precious were they now
    The soaring of the swallow, the beauty of the swan
    The music of the turning earth, so soon it would be gone
    The muffled soft explosion and the room began to quake
    The soldier blown across the floor, his blood a crimson lake
    They never heard him cry or shout, they never heard him moan
    And they turned their children's' faces from the blood and from the bone

    The crowds outside soon gathered, and the ambulances came
    To carry off the body of a pawn lost to the game
    And the crowd they clapped and jeered, and they sang their rebel songs
    One soldier less to interfere where he did not belong

    And will the children growing up, learn at their mothers knee
    The story of the soldier who bought their liberty
    Who used his youthful body as the means towards the end
    Who gave his life to those, who called him 'murderer' not 'friend'

    Harvey Andrews is a folk singer who can be found at
  3. Arsey, pm me your email and I'll send it to you.

  4. Most soldiers of the day knew the song well and sang it often. For some obscure reason, the BBC banned it!

    A touching story of one man's heroism, but how many people know that it is a true story about a very real incident...and how many remember who the soldier was? Very few I would wager.
  5. Thanks for this. Excellent (although I do have it on a cassette and play it in the car from time to time). I have now joined Yellow Ribbon.
  6. Where abouts is the Temporary Internet File Folder?

  7. I didn't know that. Any links for the education of the ignorant?
  8. (Added: This is for the post before last!)

    Open the page: and listen to the song.

    Open Windows Explorer and click on the "Folders" button if it isn't already open.

    Expand as necessary until you follow the tree:

    My Computer
    Local Disk (whichever one you use, you may need to try more than one to find the right route) (mine is c: )
    Documents and Settings
    (Your user name, profile or whatever its called) (note to self - identity, clot)
    Local Settings
    Temporary Internet Files

    Look for a file that starts "Harvey Andrews ...." and is a mp3 file.

    Right click on this, select copy.
    Go through the Folder tree to where you want the file to live e.g. "My Music" and click it.
    Right click, select Paste.

    You now have an mp3, the sneaky way.

    Why pay for ringtones? Play the sample and do the same thing.
  9. He was Sergeant Willetts of the Parachute Regiment. Sorry, but I cannot recall his first name or which Battalion, but I read his story which was published along with his photo in Browning Barracks, Aldershot when I did P Company.
  10. Just checked it out. He was Sgt Michael Willetts of 3 Para and the incident was in Springfield Rd Police Station in 1971. The actual event was quite different to the actions taken in the song, but it was written about that event and he did die saving and protecting others using himself as a human shield.
  11. Googled Sgt Willetts and I found this Sgt Willetts.

    Had completely forgot about the song having heard it years ago till last week, when I was on the back of a 4 tonner and the bloke next to me started humming it, its a brilliant song that always gets a lump in the back of the throat. Cheers putts for the link.

  12. Or alternatively, view the page source
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    FYI There is (or are) a thread(s) about this song has been running for quite some time. My guess is on the Films, Literaure, Music, all things Artsy forum.
  14. I seem to recall the incident took place nearer to Divis flats in a police station long since demolished (Hastings st or Divis st?). I may be wrong tho as I looked into this during a tour there in the early 80's