Soldiers son tackles steep charity challenge

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Novelty_troop_tiff, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Just seen this in the Telegraph online,
    The son of one of Britain's most celebrated war heroes is bidding to raise thousands of pounds for charity in memory of a sister he never knew. Robin Butler, 13, the son of Brigadier Ed Butler, who commanded the Paras in Afghanistan last year, is planning to climb three of Britain's highest mountains on a three-day expedition to raise money for the cot death charity, the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID).

    Robin is hoping to raise £10,000 for the foundation in memory of his sister Augusta, who died in her sleep when she was just four weeks old a year before he was born.

    Half of the money raised will also go to the British Heart Foundation. Four days after Robin's birth he had to undergo open heart surgery when doctors discovered that his heart was not functioning properly.

    The trek, which he will attempt with his father this week, will involve climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in the Lake District and Snowdon in north Wales.

    If anyones got a bit of spare cash, they might want to send it their way.

    The links are:

  2. People are now tipping up to work and are probably bored already, anyone else fancy sponsoring this kiddy?
  3. Anyone?



    Come on tight wads get your cash out
  4. Yep. I'll fire a few quid in tonight. Good on him.
  5. Yep good lad, I'll spot him a few.

    PS below is completly free... unless you want to donate to me.
  6. I'll put this back up so hopefully some more off you'll sponsor the young lad.
  7. Bit of a bump and any feedback on how the young fella is doing?