Soldiers Slashed in Edinburgh

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Thunderer, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Two soldiers from the RRS were attacked by a gang after a night out.


    The lads had just returned from Iraq as well. f*cking scumbags, utter, utter sh1ts
  2. fcuking disgraceful.

    Sounds like they were attacked from behind as well
  3. Under handed ambushing bastarts :x

    Dreghorn where the barracks are, is right next to up market Colinton and Bonaly. But just up the road is Oxgangs - chav central I'm afraid.

    Think of Canary Wharf and Tower Hamlets about a mile up the road in London for comparison.

    I reckon there will be a few vigilante "doings" after this....
  4. Why don’t they make attacks on troops the same as attacking a copper? Or make attacking anyone based on their job as bad as racial abuse!
  5. Did it matter that the victims were Soldiers though?
  6. An attack on anyone in this manner is deplorable, but as most of us here have a link to the forces it no doubt struck a nerve.

    Attacks on ambulance crews, firemen, police and OAP's should be dealt with properly (won't happen I know).

    Dunno about squaddies being put in that category though?

    I remember what I was like years ago. To be honest the "older me" (now) doesn't like the "younger me" or the memories of how much of a tw't I was then. I was over confident, had money in my tail and must've been a nightmare for everyone else.

    I know I went out looking for trouble as many squaddies did, and some no doubt still do.

    But the attack described is out of order - no matter who the victim is. It's not a new thing by any means, but like a lot of things it's more widely reported these days.

    Right I'm getting off my soapbox and making a cuppa - rant over. :D
  7. Sod that they'd never get any punishment!

    Make an attack on a member of the armed forces that is motivated by their membership on a par with a racially motivated offence, that'll attract a bigger fine and a bit more community service!

    yeah that'll teach em!
  8. Outrageous!! String 'em up and drag them up and down the parade square!!
  9. A few years back, this sort of incident would be delt with by a company movement into the area followed by any group of youths found being "educated". This would normally have the result of no further attacks on squaddies for a good year, untill the next generation of chavs come along and need educating too!
  10. HO!!! I fcuking live there, Pal! 8O

    You are, of course, absolutely correct; Oxgangs is a sh1te-hole. If I ever make enough money to get out, the Chavs won't see me for dust. :roll:

    Had to throw(after rendering unconcious with a Rear Naked Choke)a Chav out of my stair at 0430hrs a few Saturdays back.

    Hope the b@stards who did this are found - preferrably by the mates of the lads who got slashed. These days in Scotland, if the police catch you, it's a slap on the wrist for all but the most serious crimes... :x
  11. Its seems its another mong phase
    I've came across it in a few different towns , brecon recently there usual MO is to wait until one of the blokes is pissed on his own on route back to camp , then its a 10 to 1 ratio because any less they would have there heads handed to them .
    Inverness was pretty bad when the royal irish where there , there was a few incidents
  12. Hope the 2 guys make a speedy recovery. It's awful to come back from a tour and be injured by wee scrotes.

    In the good old days of the un PC 1980's three 4 tonners would have gone into town full of their mates and taught a few lessons & manners.

    I really hope that this does not happen. As a taxpayer I hope that the CSM does not turn a blind eye to this. It would not be right....would it ?

  13. Believe me mate, the courts take an assault on a bobby LESS seriously than on any other member of the public. I have been assaulted on numerous occasions, and although they have been found guilty, not one has ever been jailed. Not one. I still have a copy of the compensation cheque sent to me by the scumbag( via the courts) that punched me in the face, cutting my face open. The princely sum of £1.34. It is framed and on the wall to remind me just how wonderful our Criminal Justice System is.

    When I queried the courts once about assaults on police, I was reminded that police officers should expect to be assaulted in the execution of their duty, hence the utterly pathetic sentencing/fines imposed.

    (As a footnote to the cheque I received when I was asaaulted, I only received one cheque, the total of the fine being a massive £50. Whe I enquired about arresting the bloke for non payment of fines, I was helpfully informed that the fine had been written off as there was no realistic prospect of it being recovered and was not financially viable.

    Laugh? I nearly bought a knuckleduster....
  14. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Well come and live in the New Town then. Much more civilised.

    Have to say I'm still surprised though as Oxgangs never struck me as being that bad. However I usually visit Redford rather than Dreghorn and hadn't realised there was such a marked difference around the By-Pass.
  15. Things go in cycles; the Bar Ox Gang used to cause havoc in the 60's. Then it quietend down considerably. Over the last decade or so, a lot of Chavs, junkies etc have moved into the area.

    A few years back, a brawl at the Good Companions pub got so out of hand, Lothian and Borders Police called out the ARV! 8O