Soldiers shed blood for shameful MoD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Newbie_Girl, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Another good commentary in the Telegraph this morning...

    Full commentary here
  2. Quote: "Mr Blair was at it again yesterday at his monthly press conference, insisting that reports that soldiers were being sent on dangerous missions without proper equipment had been exaggerated, and that when extra kit was required – helicopters in southern Afghanistan, armoured vehicles in southern Iraq – the Government had responded quickly and effectively.

    Well, Mr Blair, tell that to the thousands of troops serving on the front lines in the war on terror where hardly a day passes without some new scandal emerging about chronic equipment shortages or military kit that is totally unsuitable. Over the past year the Government has been embarrassed by revelations that the "snatch" Land Rovers, designed for patrolling Belfast, were totally inadequate for the arid terrain of southern Afghanistan, and more recently The Daily Telegraph revealed that the lives of paratroopers were unnecessarily put in danger after the MoD sent defective ammunition as part of a cost-cutting exercise."

    Pretty much sums it up in my eyes. That Blair continues to "defend" his position on some of this stuff is beyond belief.

    It's about time there was some bloody honesty at the top of government, and for that matter in the CoC, in relation to the cluster that has been forced upon our armed forces. There are lessons to be learned and acted upon now, which will assist the safety of British forces in the Middle East. This constant bullshit PR from the PM, his ministers and the MOD, is doing nobody any favours, loeast of all, the men and women of our armed forces on the ground.

    What will it take, the deaths of 30 / 40 of our people to die in the next month, before somebody in "opposition" has the balls to demand action and NOW.
  3. Unfortunatley, I feel that your last line is probably what it will take.

    However I am glad to see these issues are being highlighted more often in the news articles. It is only a small thing, but it is more attention than has been shown up until a few weeks ago.
  4. Hopefully the newly formed BAFF will be able to engage with HM Opposition and put forth credible defense for the Forces and pressurise HMG/MoD to get their heads out the sand and to sort the present mess out.
  5. No doubt (God forbid) that an atrocity happens. The government PR machine will, after putting forward some token minister to express his "sincere condolences" to the bereaved families, will go onto to point out:

    1. Details of the incident are sketchy - thus indicating that the commanders on the ground are not keeping them in the picture.

    2. Deny any deficiencies existed that, in any way could have contributed to such an event happening.

    3. Express surprise that the press aren't running with the great improvements in our procurement and logistics model.

    4. Counter calls for a public enquiry, on the basis of cost, and the little benefit it would bring.

    5. Tell any opposition, that they are making political capital out of the awful events of the last few days.

    6. Remind the British public that Commanders on the ground have not requested any further troops, equipment, anything at ll in fact.

    7. Show some footage of the ministers most recent three hour trip to Iraq or Afghanistan.

    8. Pay tribute to "the brave men and women of our armed forces, for the professionalism that they have, in doing such a difficult job."

  6. 9. Lessons will be learned, now let's draw a line under it and move on.
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    (. Subtext: THINKS: Parliamentary Recess coming up - hopefully a new headline in the New Year which will take the spotlight off us....)

    ...and for what its worth, the majority of ' shameful MoD' are heart and soul behind the men and women who DAILY endure on Ops...and quite a few know EXACTLY what conditions on the ground are like, having served in those theatres themselves.

    Le Chevre

  8. Evidently alas not in any real positions of power or influence - or are you saying that things actually could be a lot worse?
  9. I don't dispute this Goatman, but there is a Grand Canyon size disconnect between "What soldiers experience at the sharp end" and the words of Blair and numerous MOD figures. So, either, these dedicated professionals in Whitehall choose to keep quiet, or each day, they ignore the incorrect information previously mentioned. I can almost forgive Blair his lack of understanding - he's never served his country. But, he sits atop a very large (and informed) tree of information. I suppose the question is; Who reigns in the PM and his ministers, when they trot out a party line so at odds with the reality?
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I think that is a very fair mean apart from the Service chiefs? Not least CGS ?

    Up there in the Adminisphere, on the slopes of Mount Olympus, sits the Head of the Ministry of Defence - the Permanent Under Secretary. So far above this Satsuma* as to be almost mythical.

    Our Mandarin, who art in Main Building, SW1

    The previous incumbent , Sir Kevin Tebbitt, came to us from the murky mysterious groves of GCHQ where he had spent his career. I had the pleasure of meeting him - sharp as a tack.

    The current appointee since Nov 2005 is Mr Bill Jeffrey.

    His bio sheet is here

    A Scot.

    From the Home Office.

    Previously responsible for the Immigration Service.

    Whilst I am sure he is a very able guy ( because you don't get to be a Permanent Sec if you can't reliably add 2 and 2 and get the same answer several times running) I cannot detect anything in the bio that says he has ever borne arms either in peacetime or on Operations...unlike his deputy Ian Andrews (2nd PUS - BAOR in 80s)

    You might speculate that the Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell
    ( A Scot. Previously Labour Party prospective Parliamentary candidate) had taken a long look around Whitehall and reviewing a handful of possible candidates had hand-picked someone who.......would be palatable to the current tenants of Number 10 [ AND of course their gloomy Jock neighbour, Oor Broon]

    You might speculate thus.....of course I could not possibly comment..... :scratch:

    Le Chevre

    * like a Mandarin - but with w-a-a-a-a-y fewer pips.....

    [Edited thrice for mong spelling, dates and syntax]
  11. This clearly doesn't include the 'accountants and copy boys' of Contracts Branch, then.
  12. Cracking post Goatman!

    We are truly not worthy - well I'm not anyway!
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Oh dear.....there goes my <<career>>.

    " don' unnerstan'.....I coulda been a CONTENDER "

    Ho bono publicum as Grandpa would have said.

  14. Yes, excellent post Goatman.
    Love that, to me, new word, Adminisphere.

    Wish I'd made that up.
    But its alright Oscar's just told me I will dear boy.

    On a serious note, it is beginning to be ironic at a time when we are supposed to be imposing the outward trappings of democracy on peoples who never asked for it, from what I read on ARRSE back here in Britain our very own is in need of a good shake up itself.
  15. Goatman be advised I shall be using 'Adminisphere' frequently.