Soldiers sacked days before pension date.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Vote Conservative. The Serviceman's friend
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  2. Vote Labour, everyone's friend.
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  3. Nothing new and no suprise. There were plenty of similar stories after T1. Apart from the "40-year-old sergeant serving in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was only three days away from serving 22 years and qualifying for an immediate pension pot worth £108,000. He will now have to wait until he is 65 to receive the pension". What a load of bollox.
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  4. Agreed that is a load of old bollocks, he'd have qualified at his 18 year point. I dodged a bullet last week, I was in scope and had I been selected would have been hoofed at 17 yrs 8 months not qualifying for an immediate pension and losing a lot of money in the process. If it was crooked I would have been first on the list, as it was the last chance to bin me on the cheap and yet those of my peers who were selected, some with a couple of years less service and therfore not so close to the cutoff, have to a man, admitted that they received a shit/mediocre SJAR.
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  5. Not sure you make clear what exactly is a "load of bollox" ? The facts of the case(s) seem clear, with the exception that the reasons that the various boards selected these individuals is not given. It is likely that the real reasons the Officer selections were made will be one of the following, taken from another document.

    Once the penultimate redundancy screening of candidates, by cap badge has been completed, age and length of Service will not be a factor. Specialist skill and long course qualification will have already been considered by this stage. Thus candidacy for selection will be confirmed, based and scored against the following criteria.

    1. Previous Overall Performance (from OJAR Book). 10 points

    2. Last available OJAR, with specific attention in priority to 2 RO comments:

    a. Potential. - Gradings “2 up” will be noted. 4 points
    b. Performance. - Higher than VG to be noted. 4 points
    c. Fitness. - Adverse comments to be noted. 4 points

    3. Significant previously un-scored factors. 4 points
    4. 3RO Comments. 4 points

    Following circulation Board members will further discuss individuals as required to gain concensus.
  6. The idealist and the realist in me would like to put this one down to incompetence rather than malice. Not sure that makes it ok, however.
  7. Is there a Magic-8-Ball in your head, that when you give it a wobble comes up with a random shite statement for you to post on this site, you ****ing headbanger?
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  8. You get a poorer OJAR/SJAR than your peers and you walk.

    How is that incompetent or malicious?
  9. **** me they're arriving in pairs now.

    Go and slam your head in a door for a bit
  10. Soldiers cant do that. Soldiers cant say "oi, boss, my pays shite, raise it yeah" or protest about it. The Army is not a democracy if your told your out of the job generally your out of a job sadly.
  11. Well dear chaps you are all one little cog in the equation. The real truth is that its not about pensions because that is and was sustainable and HMG lost that argument a couple of years ago curtesy of PCS. They are not cutting your jobs because they cannot use you, they are cutting jobs because politically its the easy option, just as it was with my lot. The world is no safer nor will it be any safer. Example the Government is going ot monitor all our telephone calls and all our emails-for what? Terrorism-whos'e going to monitor them? No answer but it's going to be easier to monitor terrorism. Example we will cut down on illegal immigration- by cutting staff at the controls-so whose going to cut down illegal immigration-No answer. The police will be cut[not that I have a lot of sympathy as there are more of them than you] but thats ok crime will go down.
    Argentina is rattling the sabre- well by putting more down south we won't need aircraft carriers- well you get the general drift. The one thing you wont find is any cuts in the number and costs for politicians.
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  12. Will you please kill yourself.
  13. If people were selected for redundancy on the basis of proximity to pension qualification then this constitutes an unlawful redundancy, or is the Army not subject to the same rules on redundancy?

    I admit my grasp of the law here is pretty thin. Hopefully Iolis will be along to explain shortly.