Soldiers required for advertising

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GAEProductions, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. We`re looking for soldiers, seamen and airmen for advertising purposes.

    Hi all!

    We are currently working on an advertising campaign for Blue-chip companies for consumer goods used by the British forces. We`d be especially interested to hear what products you use in peace-time but more importantly, in War-zones.

    We obviously need good looking soldiers, both male and female. Not the spotty 18 year old types who work in offices denying other soldiers their LOA etc. We`re after a sort of Rambo/Dolph Lundgren look-a-like who would be comfortable selling Andrex as well as Pile-cream.

    We envisage a weighted-down soldier in Afghanistan, in all that camo kit, rucksack, all the pouches on, a machine-gun with ammo belt hanging over his shoulder, running up a hill on his own, back to his team, sweat running down his brazen body, as he reaches the summit, and his team, he utters "Its the little things, like "Andrex Limited Collection Subtle and Stylish" that make the difference between a good shovel-recce, or a bad dump"

    We are aware that we may have to approach the MoD on this and have already spoken to the PR at Mod, so should`nt be a problem for you to appear on TV on in the general media.

    Casting will take place mid November in our offices in Birmingham. If you think you ve got what it takes, please mail me, with a pic of you in battle-dress, at

    1% of the proceeds from the campaign will go to Xboxes4soldiers!
  2. if you asked for soldiers semen and airmen, you might get a better response
  3. Is it fucking bring a spaz to ARRSE month or what?
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  4. You are Paul from PrincessTV and I claim my half-way good-looking bird from your staff.
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  5. Stay off the crack mate.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    WAH called - no-one would be that stupid with Princess Productions still thrashing on the flypaper.
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  7. 150px-L109_A1.jpg

    These come in handy.

    Poor wind up by the way mate.
  8. Massively unfunny TV researcher WALT. FAIL
  9. I'll be your hero, I can do the machine gun charging flapping 200 rnd link bayoneting babies and family pets thing. Pick me!
  10. I did not have the Emperor Mong down for recycling shit wind ups, least of all in as many days!!!!

    Lets check out the bitches from GAEProductions and see how they compare to those from Princess Productions!!!!

    My monies still on Julie as the best back doors to smash in!!:nod:
  11. Here's me, just photoshop a belt of 200 link around my shoulders and I'll advertise Tampax for a tenner.

  12. I sent you that picture in confidence you cunt.
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  13. The original thread with Princess productions turned out quite funny. This attempt at a wind up could have sparked off a bit of fun but it's too soon. Come back next year and we might have forgotten about it (or, in my case, in about 20 minutes when I will, hopefully, have totally forgotten about it).
    In the meantime, here's a few for you to be going on with
    Note the para in the middle with the shaped beret
  14. He's not a Para he's a liney with a beautiful leather belt.