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We havent got these new 'mini TAMs' yet?

Does anyone have publication numbers/NSNs for the folder and the inserts?

many thanks
The army code for the BCD aide memoire insert is Army Code 71638. I got an insert when I did that one day BCDT upgrade (hmmm)
I phoned up that unpronouncable place in Wales where you get pams from but they said its an Operational Soldiers Pocket book and they are in the process of automatically sending them out to Units in order of Priority......of course they are.
So as usual TA units seem to be bottom of the prioriy list (dont shoot the messenger)


Hi All,

I too was given Code 71638 Fourth Edition, April 2005 on my MATTS course.

I was also told not to take too mutch notice of it as there were aspects of it that were incorrect, and a revised version would be issued shortly!

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Edited, because I have just noticed that they are ALL Code 71638, regardless, so you also need to know the Edition Number. :frustrated:


i got a couple of the new bcd books when doing my BCDT last year i'll look out the booklet with all the codes in it.


AC64358 - Survive to Fight, all 84 pages of it!! This Pocket book (when it fully happens) is going to be a rather weighty publication to cart around
The 84-page Survive to Fight insert is being boiled down to 20 pages of "what you should know about CBRN".

Of course, if they reduced it to "what you do know about CBRN" then it would take up two pages and there'd be lots more room in the combat filofax for warry stuff.


Decidedly low CBRN threat in Bosnia/Iraq/Afghanistan - I know of blokes who sent their resi out in their MFO box.



At the back of the Survive to fight there is an aide memoire to put in with your S10, so doe that mean they have produced an aide memoire for the aide memoire?
Yeah. It says "Don't forget your aide memoire."


The only people to get the CBRN insert are new instructors - mine has been photocopied to death - was told at Winterbourne that they should be available for everyone "very soon" - yeah right!!! :frustrated:

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