Soldiers pocket book and BCDT/CBRN inserts


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We havent got these new 'mini TAMs' yet?

Does anyone have publication numbers/NSNs for the folder and the inserts?

many thanks
I heard of these when we had a BCDT lesson last week, no info yet I'm afraid, in fact I was wondering if it was another rumour


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check your PM mate
I have the a draft of the Survive to Fight bit for this. It's mahoosive - 80 pages or something. The warry chap in charge of the Battlefield Filofax Programme has decreed: "Make it no more than 20". So they're not issuing any of the 20,000 copies of the 80-page jobbie they printed.

Hold on - I think I just popped my procurement-slagging cherry on the QM's forum!


if there's only 20k out there that seems about right, CBRN & BCDT Plus,LOAC(?) & from rumour control Navigtion why change from Map reading? its gonna be a huge pocket judging from the first 2 in my possession, as for the TAMs/Filofax thingy to keep them in.....
FFBox said:
why change from Map reading?
So they can be 'inclusive' to all those who prefer to use GPS to get themselves lost?


Of course, how silly of me, but what would Boris say?, he's still there BTW, a friend just came back & one of the first things she said was "was Boris ...."

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