Soldiers' Pay in 1968

As the title says I'm hoping that someone can tell me what the average pay was for a 'Soldier of the Sixties'? I've forgotten and I am doing some writing and I wondered if anyone else could help me out. The writing covers the period 1968 - 1972. Mostly it will be privates and corporals. I need an answer ASAP as I only have a month (Nov) to do the writing.
My pay as a private soldier in 1968 was £6.17.9d (£6.87) a week. That was for a 6 year engagement (You all signed up for 22 with an option of doing 6 or 9). I then changed my engagement to 9 years (9/22 as it was called) and it went up to £9.13.3d (£9.62) a week. Remember that all food and accommodation was provided free. When I got married, I got a £3.7.0d (£3.35) a week marriage allowance and something like 2s6d (12.5p) a day ration allowance. This ration allowance was also paid to single soldiers when they went on leave.
A pint of beer in a pub was 1s10d but 1s11p if you drank in the lounge bar. Cigarettes were 3s7d a pack for the good ones.

Edited to note that that pay was as a non-tradesman as I was still undergoing trade training. Can't remember what the rise was when I completed trade training in 1969 but I do remember that my take home pay in Cyprus was £27 one fortnight and £28 the next. As I'd never seen £20 all in one go before, I felt sooooooo rich.
As a Cpl in the Royal Signals in 1968 I remember drawing about £14 a week on pay parade

Stationed in the UK (14 Sigs)
Amounts sound about right, pay book in left hand, march upto the table slam one in, check the dosh (less stoppages)
"pay and paybook, correct sir" salute and proceed to the choggi wallahs and pay off the bills for egg banjos/teas and sticky orange
drinks, how things change! i even managed to send my old mum 10 bob a week,, did so for almost 8 years before getting hitched.
Thanks for all that lads, a great help.

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