Soldier's pay circa 1942?

Just had The Malta Story on the telly.It made me wonder what they were paying the boys and girls then?
I tried Googling but got fed up with it,so I thought some smart arrse would know.


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I only have a crab pay scale for 1942 but an aircraftsman got 2s(10P) a day on entry
IIRC there were two rates of pay during WWII a higher rate for 'Colours' & a lower rate for conscripts.


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Did they pay tax and food accomodation etc ?


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Did the RN stop pay when the ship was sunk like Merchant Navy did?
Thanks chaps.When did the spelling of "serjeant" get changed?
It hasn't in some regiments! ;-) Around 1950 I think but don't quote me on that.
The early Commando units and the First American Rangers arriving in the UK were treated differently from the rest of the Army: for a variety of reasons they were billeted in civilian homes. It wasn't a compulsory arrangement, the householders were volunteers. The going rate for housing and feeding a soldier was six shillings and eightpence a day, plus extra ration coupons.
The inflation rate has risen by 4529% since 1939 if you earned £4.97 that equates to £230 today.The rate rose 52% between 1939-1945. so £230= £7.55.
I got 3/- (three shillings) (15p) per day of which I had to send 6d (six pence) (5p) home to my mother, I still have the post-office bank book with the 3/6 she paid in every week!


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Did British (and I suppose German forces) get any death money?
I'm thinking off Band of Brothers in the book and T.V. show they state $10,000 to the famillies of those killed

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