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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. What would be the catalyst for soldiers deploying in aid of the Police in Mainland UK?

    How would it work? Would the PM just have to say to the CDS "Get them out" or would it take more than that?

    How many riots would be too many?
  2. How about having a Royal Wedding, that should do it.
  3. They haven't gone away you know. (Yes I read the mainland bit)
  4. I would guess a large scale series of demonstrations in London on consecutive days with similar demos at most major towns and cities.

    Plod would be overwhelmed, particularly with the government having just pissed away their goodwill. Rumour has it that some county farces are struggling for volunteers to deploy to London on mutual aid for the upcoming demos.

    This is unusual as normally county PSU's are falling over themselves to visit the big city for a piece of the action, for the officers to start telling the management that they can poke it says it all really.
  5. Make the police a national para-miliary force and tell them to stag on or else ............. sorted!
  6. .......and risk the overwhelming of the NHS when the readership of the Daily Mail and Guardian have a collective clutcher?
  7. NHS or Vets????
  8. but in the words of someone I know "they'll always be county mounty TSG wannabe *******" now who wouldn't want to come to london for a bit of abuse like that- that and the free packed lunch/overtime
  9. I remember in the good old days it was not uncommon to see Scorpions at Heathrow.
    And I don't want to affect Opsec, but I believe that it has been suggested some operations ascribed to the police in recent years had a major input from SFSR.
  10. Deploy troops on the ground???

    French Armed Forces Foot patrols are a regularly seen in Paris, France (depending on security threat etc), especially around the Tourist locations & major transport infrastucture ie: train stations and alike and they seem to deal with the issue fine, unless i stand corrected,

    As for seeing a similar trend on the streets of the Major cities in the UK? It would seriously have to go Pete Tong, along with some rather apprehensive CC's to agree to deploying Troops in aid of CivPol, maybe ask in the Police thread of arrse...
  11. Thank you for confirming I'm not going senile. I had a flashback just the other day to a vision of a scorpion at the side of a service road going round the end of one of the runways, must be around 72-73? but decided I'd must have dreamed it. Was that down to the situation in NI or Israel/6 Day War kicking off at the time?
  12. In fact it was and is not at all common just very high profile and for short duration.
  13. And of course we remember this:
    BBC NEWS | UK | In pictures: Army patrols Heathrow
  14. Some of them already think that they are, with their constant references to 'front line' (that's the Bobby on the beat to some of most of us never see them) and shite like 'Personnel Carriers' (that's minibuses to you and me).

    So "Mount up we're going to the front line in our personnel carriers". means in effect, "Let's do the Kebab run in the minibus tonight pet, my feet are ******* killing me".

    "Evening all!"