Soldiers on Salisbury Plain celebrate historical discovery

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 6, 2012.

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  2. If the MoD can't spell "Corps", should we give in and formally change it to "Core"?
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Pte Buxton get yer fekking hand out of that trench!

  4. A rather ambiguous headline. I was intrigued as to how archaelogy could help casualty evacuation.
  5. Git yer hands orf, it's English
  6. Perhaps "Corpse" would be more apt.
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  7. I bet the celebrations went long into the night! I know if I found some relics on the MoD's behalf I'd be bloody well celebrating too, especially with the 8 o'clock start the following day. Bollox.
  8. Rfn Mike Kelly: "I discovered a warrior that had been buried with his shield placed across his face, which I believe to be a sign of respect. I have been to war myself and I can imagine what the soldier would have felt as he went into battle." I'm a little out of the loop, but does this mean today's soldiers are thinking "I do hope they'll dump my Osprey across my gob if I kark it" as they cut around Helmand?
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  9. I feared that they might have found and unburied one of my bright orange compo-turds from Ex Marathon Chase from 1984.
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  10. You can't beat a corprolite in your trench, and the exercise was renamed Snickers Chase in 1990.
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  11. I can't really see how the digging up of Saxon warriors aides the recovery of soldiers, perhaps I have missed something. Yes I agree with gardening or soomething theraputic and absorbing, but shell scrapes, the sound of distant bangs from across the Plain and old bodies lying where they died! Sorry don't get it.
    Don't dig over Imbers Tinkers Firs or you might find the boxed link I binned on PCD.
  12. Dear God Sir, a dayglo shovel recce. What the hell made it orange, you can't have got the orange powder drink, or did you!
  13. You cynic!
    I bet before they leave the dig site they have a full declaration. I have no dead Celts or their appendages in my possession sir
  14. I can't account for quite why it turned an orange in hue! The old 24hr Rat-packs used to bung you up completely for the first week or so then when the turtle's head finally made an appearance, usually when one was fully dolled up in NBC kit and on the march, the result would be about two inches across and about half a yard long and bloody difficult to crimp off.
  15. Which was all very well unless you happened to drop one in the hood of your noddy suit.
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