Soldiers on PAYE - Tax question.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Armd_Farmer, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Probably talking shite here but had enough of red tape.

    As all us soldiers do, we buy our own kit, travel to work in our own vehicles, buy "new" patches for our uniforms, court mount our medals and by mess dress etc and the list goes on - not to mention charity contributions, service days pay givings and the rest that goes with it.

    I used to be SC60 when on civvy strasse which meant i was a self employed sub contractor, i payed a higher rate of taxes but could claim back all my expenses at the end of the tax year - tools, petrol, expenses. (MMA,Personel equipment, work clothing - to map it accross to military speak)

    All soldiers try it on (just like i did and asked if my tax band could be changed to SC60) - The clerk flapped, and scratched his head saying no one had ever asked before. The answer i got from higher was that if i was self employed for taxation purposes, that would make me a mercenary :roll:

    My point is this. . . and i think this is fantastic. Every expense i pay out for, i could claim back through the taxman. I would not have to fill out pointless forms to be turned down or endure JPA. It would save the military millions in photocopying, clerks that say no, JPA that just isn't worth talking about. All i have to do is save my receipts and put a single claim in at the end of the year, not to mention those posted overseas or out of the country for 6 months!

    answers on a post card :) - or even to GEMS??

    feedback and opinions welcome

    EDITED - especially now that we have "human rights" apparently
  2. Think your first line says it all!!!!!

  3. Totally agree with his first sentence, what a knob knocker.
  4. Before you pass judgement - does anyone query there Tax band? or are they happy to just take the payslip and take it on the chin. If i were a civvy i could claim this all back through tax rebates?

    So why cant i now?
  5. Obvious answer suggests itself there.
  6. As far as the tax man is concerned, the govt provides you with everything you "need" and allowances for travel etc. You therefore have no legitimate expenses related to your job to claim. To allow the argument that you do would be to invalidate the whole of our system of pay and benefits and they will hardly do that now will they.
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  8. Thank you for the sensible debates and replies rather than one liners like knob knocker!!

    To further the debate then, i'm PAYE, what job i do is in my eyes, is irrelevent! I still pay my dues like anyone else.

    This extract is is from the tax people:

    Tax reliefs for employees

    As an employee, it is difficult for you to get tax relief on any item connected with your work. This is because you have to convince HM Revenue and Customs that no one else could do the work without spending that money. Also, in practice, many employers pay these expenses rather than expect you to pay them.

    The only expenses which can be claimed as reliefs against tax are those incurred ‘wholly, exclusively and necessarily’ in order to do the work, and for travelling to do the work. Few expenses fulfil this strict rule.

    Tax reliefs that can be claimed in connection with employment include:-

    Expenses for maintaining or replacing tools or special working clothes, such as overalls used at work, which are not paid for by the employer.
    Travel expenses necessary for you to carry out your work and for which the employer does not pay. Note that travelling expenses from home to work and vice versa are not allowed since they are not incurred as part of the work.
    Fees and subscriptions to professional bodies which are either necessary for you to carry out your work or relevant to your job, and which are not paid by the employer.
    Interest on loans that you use to buy equipment (such as machinery) necessary to do your job. This is allowed for the tax year the equipment is purchased and the following three tax years
    Contributions to occupational pension schemes. If you are not in any occupational pension scheme, you are entitled to tax relief on the premiums you pay to provide for your personal pension
    Charitable donations up to a certain limit per year under the payroll giving scheme (see under heading Tax relief on payments to other people)
    A proportion of expenses for lighting, heating and phone calls if you must do some work from home. This should be negotiated with the tax office.

    Tax relief for training

    You will not be taxed on the amount your employer pays or reimburses you for work-related training.

    The latter i find interesting. Does that mean i should not have been paying tax for every day i've spent on an army course or during training??

    Can of worms really?
  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Were you paying for the training? No. Thought not. So no you should still pay tax whilst you're training.
  10. It mentions nothing of "who paid for the course". Just that you will not be taxed on the amount your employer pays you for work related training.

    I just want a slice of the 19bn in unclaimed taxes!
  11. Think you might find that your aren't being paid for training.

    You are being paid for being a soldier.

    Whether you happen to be training, shagging or sleeping you are still being paid for that.

    Everything that you NEED to do your job is available from HMF which means you do not HAVE to use your own money to purchase anything else.

    This means that you have no claim to expenses.

    Please note the words in capitals, it says nothing about those things that you would like to have, make like easier, looks ally or the like.
  12. Tried to claim before was told where to disappear to as well.

    My civvie chef mate claimed money back for buying his own knifes (chef type not rambo ones)etc, so tried to place a claim and was told that these are supplied to me by my employer, even though most chefs have got there own these days.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Back in the 1980's one of the lads in BAOR claimed back his haircuts and boot polish as maintenance of tools and equipment. If I recall it was a allowed but the rules were changed that year to exclude servicemen. I think the MoD did a deal with The Tax tw@ts to allow for a factor in your daily rate. Ergo you didnt get a rise specifically to cover it if at all and in reality ypu were shafted but a nice try.
    You can if I am correct in thinking insist that the Army provides everything for you whilst serving. They will but I think its called MCTC.
  14. What so my tax code is different? Think not.

    "You will not be taxed on the amount your employer pays or reimburses you for work-related training".

    You or your employer do not "pay" for training, they "supply" it. Doh.
    The above means if they pay you an amount of money so you then go and pay for a course with it, you will not be taxed on that. IE if it comes through your pay statement.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If yo pay for an AT course and its reimbursed it should be tax free. Ergo Snow queen 250 DM, field conditions returned 149 DM back for the fortnight!