Soldiers off the Streets Charity


Looking to do some fund raising for these guys but do not know much about them. Does anyone?

Is it not just best to dontate to Help for Heroes?
strange thread-supported hols/help- if theres probs then all of arrse should know !!!!
There seems to have been a few of these oddities springing up recently. The cynic in me believes that they are inspired more by news that Help for Heroes directors drove Aston Martins, than by news of what that charity was doing for the troops. The blokes manning an Army of Angels stand I saw recently looked as though they were targeting the more elderly passers-by with their 'collecting for injured soldiers' schtick and their banner was emblazoned with something about wanting to raise £1m, of which I thought, 'yeah, I bet you ******* do'.
All these characters are doing is riding on the back of popular support for the armed forces and even if they're well-meaning, they are still diluting the amount of money which eventually finds its way to helping the right people. There are already established charities catering for a wide range of circumstances such as the RBL, SSAFA, BLESMA, Blind Veterans UK, Combat Stress, as well as Help for Heroes. There are also regimental charities such as Care for Casualties, which is the one run by The Rifles:-
The Rifles "Care for Casualties" Appeal
There's a new thread on here about SOTS every couple of months. How many times do people have to be told that it's dodgy as ****?
Help for heroes have had problems as well, oh really, I had know idea they where a publicity stunt for a group of intolerant white nationalists and holocaust denying fuckwits. I had to put someone straight about SOTS just the other week.
QUOTE=zero-over;4864412]There's a new thread on here about SOTS every couple of months. How many times do people have to be told that it's dodgy as ****?[/QUOTE]

maybe thats the point !! i get on arrse as and when i can and sometimes this might be weeks or months apart !! something that is posted and then not bumped can lie dormant from most posters ! i have supported grownuprafbrat and hols for heroes after years of NOT giving anything because i believed that money given (even to BL) did not reach the enduser-i know of quite a few deserving cases who would benefit from some sort of charity or other but am wary of advocating any as im not sure of the end result and would be disappointed to point people in need in the wrong direction !
If a charity that isn't registered, actively recruits on the websites of the BNP and the EDL, is run by the BNP's Welsh Secretary and has never told anyone where the money goes doesn't count as dodgy in your book then maybe you should raise the bar a little.


To be honest I don't care either way I don't donate to charities, but they certainly seem to be doing a lot more than other allegedly fake charities.

I don't see what the issue is with them having links to the BNP. The BNP aren't a proscribed organisation. Unless there's evidence that they only help white ex-servicemen.

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