Soldiers off the Streets (Again)


Now apparently there's some ultra right wing agenda going on with SOTS, well according to some people anyway!

I've been logging on to their facebook page for well over six months and what follows below is pretty normal for the type of posts I see from them. Are they a bunch of BNP supporting rascist etc etc? You can make your own mind up!

"More news from the Lancashire outreach team today................ After re-homing the young couple on Friday we went back up to Lancaster on the Saturday to continue with the charity awareness and do a spot of fund raising, before we had set up we were approached by a lad in a pretty bad way, he was 43 years old and an ex Kings Own Royal Borderer, he was clutching one of our flyers that he was given by one of the Police Community Support Officers that we had been chatting to the previous Thursday, he told us he had been on the streets for a good few years up in Scotland and had come home to Lancaster to try and make a fresh start, unfortunately the council wouldn't help as due to him being away he had "no local connection" so again ended up on the street where he was being subjected to a daily bullying campaign by a group of other local homeless lads.

Due to him having a serious alcohol addiction we couldn't simply look at a quick re-homing as this guys simply wouldn't be able to survive.

Again a plan of action was needed and the only option we could see was to get this lad onto a long term rehab program, now remember this is a Saturday morning and all "normal" people are off for the weekend. First thing was to get onto SOTS HQ and get all his information passed so they could get busy trying to find a space for this lad, as the day went on we still had no reply until we received a call from Bill and Marie telling us that despite all their efforts they still hadn't found a space and we were going to have to leave him behind for now, now bear in mind we had spent the day watching him being abused so this was a tough decision to make, we did get him a bed in the night shelter but knew the other lads would be there too.

We did reassure him that we would be back for him but even we didn't know when.
At 11.00am Sunday morning we received a call from Bill to tell us that a place had been secured with a rehabilitation foundation south of Manchester and we were to get him there ASAP so Mark and Lee jumped into our newly commissioned Rapid Response vehicle (Megs Renault Scenic with some SOTS stickers quickly slapped on) and headed off to Lancaster town centre, on arrival our lad was nowhere to be found however the local PCSO road show was having a display and within seconds every Police Officer and PCSO was out looking for our lad, needless to say 20 minutes later we had found him and were on our way to the rehab centre, on arrival at our centre the other lads welcomed him with a huge roast Sunday dinner that they had saved for his arrival.

This lad has a long way to go but today he got his chance to turn his life around, he has 2 daughters who he hasn't seen for a long time so his ultimate goal is to get himself right and be reunited with his girls, we
know everyone here that supports Soldiers Off The Street will be routing for this lad as we all are.
We make no apologies for using such a sad photo, the photo actually shows Lee on our stand in busy Lancaster Market, on the steps you can see our lad crashed out on the museum steps, this is the museum of the King Own Royal Regiment, the Regiment that this lad served.We did monitor the lad but were careful not to give him any preferential treatment at this stage as it could have caused him alot of trouble later in the day.

This is a 100% genuine photograph which we took around lunch time to prove a point and hopefully raise awareness of the massive homeless problem that Lancaster has."



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if they are suing the fact that councils housing EU benefit tourists to the detriment of ex UK servicemen they may have a point.

the fact that most ex and current servicemen are perceived as alcoholic wife beaters doesn't help their case when just being ex forces is enough for the lefty council workers to lose them to the bottom of the pile.


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we could do with converting some of those old barrack blocks into 'veterans' units somewhere to go where they are safe, fed and can get themselves together. a much better use of the nhs money they waste by the billion.
I was reading through their FB page last night. There is something not quite right about the way they seem to be doing business. Also, a lot of their posts seem to be digging at other charities and those who have slated them. All a bit untidy really.

we could do with converting some of those old barrack blocks into 'veterans' units somewhere to go where they are safe, fed and can get themselves together. a much better use of the nhs money they waste by the billion.
Veterans Homes run by the Veterans Administration in the USA do just that.
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