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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by street outreach, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. Horrible cockney ****** should practice what he preaches and **** off from Wrecsam.
  2. Why, if its a genuine charity he is at least attempting to do some good, no matter what his politics!
  3. What outcome are you hoping for?
  4. Drop the connection to the BNP then and concentrate on charity work, that said I've met this piece of shit and my opinion won't change, did I mention he's a piece of shit?
  5. Did he like you?
  6. Well who the **** are you and why the **** should we care? Jog on, you bollocks.
  7. Except it's almost certainly a bnp front.
  8. I haven't met him but a friend of mine has. He likes the bloke and was totally taken in by him. He then tried to recruit me but two minutes on the Internet convinced me that i didn't want to get involved.
  9. I think he'd rather lick a Muslim Asylum seeker than meet me again! :)
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  10. Oi! Bill Murry is a feckin legend (the hollywood actor not the obnoxious BNP twat)
  11. Interesting quotes from the 'Loyal English' (but not quite loyal enough to learn how to type their native language apparently). What fantastic adverts for abortions up to the 300th Trimester.
  12. Depends what you regard as acceptable. He's a part of an evil, bigoted, racist organisation - that probably has you as a member too?
  13. Fair enough, but am I the only one who thinks "Lost in Translation" was a sack of shit? Maybe I need to watch it again...?
  14. Why would you do that to yourself?