Soldiers Of Surrender - Famas drop test :)

It's nice to see that you put that through the Scouse spelling and grammar filter ;) :twisted:
As much as we all (including myself) love to hate the frog leg eating, sweaty, garlic crunching, hairy, strange tongued creatures from across the pond, I was actually quite surprised (while reading a book a couple of days ago) that the French had an entire Squadron in the British SAS in the founding years and even more surprising that they continue today to have such a Unit who also wear the coveted SAS Wings and use the same Motto "Who Dares Wins" in French "Qui Ose Gagne".

The French SAS
Herrenbloke said:
Yes but didn't they surrender en masse?
I'm not sure Herrenbloke if this Unit did, read the following, they certainly did a fantastic job during the D-Day Landings:

In November a 3rd BIA was created in Lebanon and Algeria and was sent to Great-Britain. On 11th January 1944, 1st BIA (renamed 4th BIA) and 3rd BIA were integrated to the new SAS Brigade under the command of General Mac Leod as 4th SAS and 3rd SAS. From February to May the French SAS trained sometimes with the 1st Polish Para Brigade in Largo to prepare the landing in Europe and the operations to liberate occupied territories.

During the night of 5 june 1944, 4 sticks of 4th SAS were dropped on north and south Brittany to prepare SAS bases ("Samwest", "Dingson", "Grog"), to take contact with local Resistance and established DZ and LZ for the battalion. The mission of the French SAS was to destroy all communication lines, to prepare ambushes and sabotages in order to prevent all enemies movements toward Normandy. These men were amongst the first allied soldiers engaged for D-Day operations with allied pathfinders units. This fact was a decision of General Montgomery. Immediately after his landing, the stick from lieutenant Marienne had to fight against German troops (Ukrainians from Vlassov's army), and corporal Bouétard was wounded and killed by a German NCO. It is often said it was the first allied soldier KIA during D-Day operation.

One night after the D-Day, 18 French SAS teams known as "Cooney parties" were dropped on all parts of Brittany to accomplish sabotages on railways, roads etc. in order to cut hinder all German movements towards the Normandy beachheads. At this time in Brittany about 150,000 Germans were ready to head for the Normandy landing areas. Night after night, sticks of French SAS -4th Battalion- and containers were dropped in the area of St-Marcel (Morbihan) -"Baleine DZ"- to led ambushes and sabotages and all actions were successful. They grouped also about 10,000 French resistants to fight with them. The French SAS were never more than 450 men in that area. On June 18, in the villages of Saint-Marcel and Serent a battle was led by 200 French SAS, 4 armed jeeps and 2,500 men of the French resistance (FFI) against more than 5000 Germans supported by 81mm mortars. Along the day, the French resisted to the attacks helped in the afternoon by CAS provided by P47s from the USAF but at night they had to leave the battle area and get back in the maquis. Today a Resistance Museum with a SAS display is located in the village of Saint-Marcel. After this combat, the SAS were strongly hunted and many retaliation acts were realized against the civilians.

During all July the French SAS accomplished many missions in order to delay the German forces. Less than 500 men were opposed to very importance enemy forces. In August, the 3rd US Army (Patton) came in Brittany. The 2nd Squadron of 3rd SAS was dropped in Brittany to reinforce 4th SAS. Also a lot of armed jeeps landed by gliders (the only one glider SAS operation of WW2). At the end of the Brittany campaign the French SAS had lost more than 65% of their men. Immediately, the SAS wings worn directly on left breast were awarded to 4th SAS renamed 2nd RCP (= Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes). The 3rd SAS became 3rd RCP. At the end of the Brittany campaign the French SAS had received for the first time the red beret. It is worn with the para cap-badge but without the lion and the crown.

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