Soldiers of Misfortune

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PoisonDwarf, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Incase anyone's interested, there's a Five Live podcast at

    5LR: Soldiers of Misfortune, 04 Nov 07

    I haven't listened yet, but I'm downloading it at the mo.
  2. Some people can just not accept that accidents happen.

    There is no grand conspiracy out there killing young soldiers, all these accidents are investigated thoroughly in an attempt to prevent a re-occurance.

    All accidents where soldiers are killed or injured are very unfortunate, but sometimes people bring it on themselves, driving like a cnut, tampering with ammo, shortcuts and all the other pointless reasons that it happens.

    Some people need to wake up and realise that their little Jonny was not so bloody perfect and that the accident may have been caused by them in the first place and actually no fault of the Military.
  3. Compared to every other army I've worked with, our safety procedures are probably the best I've come across.

    Whether jumping out of aircraft, firing live ammunition, dealing with explosives, or even just tabbing up the hills in the dark, the very nature of the job states that training is going to be dangerous.

    It would be far more unfair to send them to do their job without adequate training.

    As long as training is realistic, casualties are going to be had. Look at public order training for example - It's realistic and lads get injured doing it. The thing is, those lads would suffer a LOT more if their first introduction to realistic public order was a full-scale riot.
  4. That makes me feel just fantastic.
    I'll be watching over my shoulder come pirbright then 8O

  5. With all due respect, what the fcuk would relatives know about military training??

    Also, learning lessons doesn't always stop accidents from happening. Whilst something inherently dangerous, accidents are going to be repeated.
  6. It is a sad fact that we live in a litigation culture now, and I think this actually affects the way people think about things, and this is a good example. The more that people are nannied by the state, the less they will be able to accept, as RFUK says, that accidents happen.