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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. A BBC report has claimed that soldiers who have served this country are not eligible to remain here once they leave and could face deportation because they haven't served for 4 years or more.

    (Sorry. No link).
  2. Good. The Welsh should all go back to where they come from.
  3. Well as 4 years is the minimun you can sign on then I see nothing too awry with this. It prevents people enlisting and jacking prematurely in order to get a passport.

    The caveat to this should be anyone unable to continue service due to injuries etc especially on ops should be granted dispensation from this 4 year limit.

    We get some very good lads and lasses in from the commonwealth etc, imagine however what would happen if passports or residency was granted to anyone irrespective of time served.
  4. My bold. If the Beeb is to be believed (Breakfast this Morning) this caveat already exists fortunately.

  5. The devil is in the detail..

    Time served in Iraq, Afghanistan or Germany does not count..
  6. Forgive me if I misunderstand the situation, we spend several million a year on ethnic minority recruitment yet if a commonwealth soldier loses a leg or worse in AFG etc and is medically dischrged then they face deportation if they are under the 4 years?

    Tell me this is a wind up?
  7. oldbaldy

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    Here it is
  8. I listened to this on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning. They had it on the main news at 7am followed by a solicitor who was representing 12 cases of commonwealth soldiers who for various reasons were unable to reach the 4 year minimum period in the forces before they could apply for UK citizenship and were being threatened with deportation. It also seemed that those who had not reached the 4 year minimum and had been wounded on active service were also under the same threat. However no one from the MOD was available to be interviewed regarding this! It seems that MOD have now said that those injured on active service and who have not reached the 4 year point will now be given special consideration! The word pressure comes to mind!
    What was unusual about this was that it was part of the main bulletin and headlines between 7 and 8 am but no word of it afterwords.
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    BBC News 24 said the Home Office has now changed it's mind & anyone injured can stay.
    I wonder why.
  10. Just by means of offering a comparison, if UK personnel transfer to the Australian Defence Forces they are only required to complete 90 days service before they are eligible (in fact I think they are required) to apply for an Australian passport. Dependants are then eligible after 3 years residency. Not that I've enquired you understand! :relax:

    Obviously we need to avoid encouraging the services becoming an asylum short cut. I would suggest 12 months productive service (ie after completion of trg), or being injured on ops or a trg related accident would be sufficient grounds to ensure UK residency.

    It seems rediculous that one can gain asylum by hijacking an Afghan airliner, yet being injured fighting for Queen and Country does not. :banned:

    What is this nation coming to?

  11. I always thought it was 5 years.

    I remember a Fijian in my battalion telling me that was what he had to do.

    Also remember a guy from St Lucia and he said the same thing.

    Don't see a problem with the five years but if you have been on tour and got injured then you should get a passport. What happened regarding the Gurkas was an absolute disgrace.
  12. MM dude

    Its obvious; hijack an airplane and stay.
  13. I have no grief with requiring someone to complete their agreed terms of service to be elligible. Obvioulsy if through no fault of their own they cannot do so then they should be treated as special cases and granted citizenship if they want it.
  14. I believe it was Shakespear who said (in Henry V) "He who sheds his blood with me this day, is my brother"

    If a member of the Commonwealth is willing to serve this country then we have a debt of honour to these soldiers. If they want to deport someone, then why not the good for nothing "Native" CHAV scum who cannot be bothered to get a job let alone travel half way round the world, to join the army of a country who does not appreciate them. Who would you like to keep in the UK?
  15. There are two seperate issues here, the first is the guys who are discharged due to genuine injuries.

    The second is this-

    Basic training in the Arctic?

    I hope not all with this terrible cold injury.

    There is a fella at my unit who has this terrible injury and therefore cant work outside, hold a weapon or do anything which would expose him to temperatures under 16'C.

    It doesnt seem to stop him going out and spending his unearned wages though.