Soldiers not being readmitted as officers in Para Regiment

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SimonP23, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Wondering if someone can clear this up for me! Basically im applying as officer to the Paras and have been told at my AOSB briefing by two selection officers that if i was to go in as a soldier first i would not be readmitted back into the parachute regiment as an officer, after i finally took my officer training. The reason i want to go in as a soldier is because a drink driving conviction/ban prevent me from attending sandhurst until Sept. '09. Im pretty much devoted to the idea of the Parachute Reg and have not chosen any alternative regiments.

    One thing i was thinking of was joining 4 PARA as TA soldier for the next year until i have my AOSB main board in May (delayed due to my ban...), but the Selection officers down in Westbury were unsure of how this would affect my future in the regiment as an officer.

    Need help! So please, any thoughts would be much appreciated, and also any reasons why the Parachute regiment refuse to readmit soldiers recently turned officers,

    Thanks v much,

  2. lot of battalions do that fairly standard
    if you go from a soldier to an officer very much a culture clash too many people will know you as a squaddie. different if your a SNCO who then goes for an le commission different thing
    had a platoon commander who was an ex para
  3. Cheers hippy, makes sense. At least ive got the reason for it... sadly doesnt make it any less annoying! lol.

    What about joining as a soldier in the Paras TA batallion and then on to officer in the regular battalions???

  4. Not Para Regt, but a friend of mine was a soldier in the TA while at uni then joined up as an officer. Had no adverse affect on his career at all.
  5. Did your friend stay in the same regiment he was in as a TA soldier, when he became officer?
  6. A lad I worked with got commissioned, it had no adverse affect on his working relationship with the boys as we all thought he was a cock beforehand.
  7. Ah thinking about it, no he didn't - which may be why he didn't have any problems.
  8. Whether you join 4 Para or any other TA outfit, will have no bearing on which cap badge you get at the end of Sandhurst. Hippy's right, though, inf and RAC do not accept those who've been soldiers in them back as officers. You're probably best off joining a big corps like RLC (V) until you go to Sandhurst. Once there, you prove yourself and the Paras will have you.
  9. Couldn't they just post you to another Para Bn?, a currently serving officer in 3 Para fought at Goose Green as a Tom win 2 Para.
  10. All i had to go on at the beginning of the post was the fact they told me i couldnt readmit into the same regiment. Their exact words were that it was very rare that it happens. But then that story about the 2 para goose green guy gives a bit of hope yet still... got my soldier fitness assessment next week as well :S
  11. Ah but was he not a LE Officer ?

    Here's an idea, why not join as Line infantry or similar then commission into the parachute regt ?
  12. probably an get senior NCO so then commissioned to do a technical job. late entry
    not supposed to lead troops into battle.
    but you can't pull the wool over their eyes either always fun watching a cpl try to bluff the MTQ.
  13. Si,

    The Parachute Regiment have no policy preventing toms being re-accepted back into the Regiment as officers. An ex Cpl from B Coy 3 PARA has just commisioned from Sandhurst and has been posted to 2 PARA as a 2Lt. There is also a Pl Comd who won the MC in Afghanistan as a Lt. who was an ex- tom also still serving within the Regiment. If a soldier commissions within the Parachute Regiment he will definately be posted to another Battalion, but the Regiment will accept him back if he passes the Regimental selection board whilst at Sandhurst.

    Being an ex- tom is also no guarantee that you will be accepted back by the Regiment- you will still have to go through the full selection process at Sandhurst. I also know of ex- toms who have commissioned and did not make it through the board and are now serving in other branches of the Army.

    If you still have concerns then give the Regimental Adjutant or RHQ a ring- the phone number is on the Parachute Regiment website.
  14. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Just to clear this one up, the advice given by AOSB is incorrect. What I will say is that those inf soldiers who do commission later will find it difficult to rejoin their parent regiment for some of the reasons above but it's not impossible. Having been involved in officer recruiting, there was a lad last year who was commissioned from the ranks and we were one of his final choices. He was interviewed, accepted and welcomed to the organisation. A couple of weeks later, he rang to say that his parent inf regiment had accepted him back into the fold and thanks for the offer. We were surprised because it's relatively unusual and also because of his age. Nevertheless, he's back with his old regiment albeit it in a different Bn.

    In some ways, AOSB are right to put you off because it is unusual but as I said, not impossible.