Soldiers not being fed in theatre

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by inbredyokel666, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this, and apologies if this has carried elsewhere.

    My mate just informed me that a local radio station (Wave 105 Southampton) was carrying a story regarding troops not being fed in theatre(s).
    Relatives had phoned to comment after sending food parcels to their kids, not luxury items but basic foodstuffs.
    I didn't hear the story myself, so I phoned the station to ask about it.
    Believe it or not, even though I'm a horrible selfish civvy these days, I'm still passionate (read pi$$ed off) about the treatment and conditions of serving soldiers (don't even start me on care for ex-soldiers).
    They confirmed that they had received these claims from parents recounting tales of woe from various young Toms requesting food to be sent.
    This inturn was a thread carried from Radio 5 live, again parents of serving soldiers were commenting on similar claims from their kids in theatre.
    In the Radio 5 instance some Staff Officer went on and rubbished the statements.

    Given what I am being told by my mates who are still in, I would be unsurprised if these claims were not only true, but the mere tip of the iceberg.

    Anybody got any dits on this?
  2. Personally I think this has got to be bollox. What is probably been sent by parents is Tabasco, Marmite and such like. Little normal things that aren't found in Compo.

    In other words, a non-story.
  3. Typically journalistic jump on a non-story.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Nothing new, I had my mum send soft bog roll down to the Falklands in 1985, we couldnt even get the shiny stuff issued!
  5. Legs.
    I raised that one with the journo, he said "no", this wasn't about nutty or curry or mustard or kippers or spangles, but basic dietary requirements.

    I'm only looking to see if these claims are true, or if its a case of a bunch on moaning minnies coming in at daft o clock, and dripping because they can't get scran immediately.

    As I said given all that I heard from presently serving mates, I'd be unsurprised if it were true.
  6. What ever happened to improvisation, initiative and adaption.For goodness sake troops use yir heids.
  7. I'm not what you're driving at mate...are you trying to suggest that (if true) the lads and lassies should be able to self-sustain?
    You mean conducting foraging patrols as done in the 17th or18th century?

  8. Sorry for being thick here - but did you just say you have been discussing the story with a journo??

  9. This is a non story, it is true, however that even the basics provided on Ops can sometimes fall considerably below the expectations of todays soldiers. More likely though is that the feeble minority are bleating to Mummy about how war is hell, when the cookhouse (or UKDFAC!) has run out of tea bags for five minutes. I've eaten some hideous slop on Ops but I have always been 'sustained'.
  10. I can honestly say that the cookhouses I have fed in in the Sandpit were first rate, even when the rats didn't get through and the chefs improvised with normal rat packs the food was quality.
    Personally I agree with winstonsmissus, probably a Tom fresh out of depot complaining that he hasn't got enough of anything - a PSP, his car, even a quilt (goddamit!), and mummy has sent him a food parcel from Fortnums (or more probably Lidl). prbably also complaining that they are getting mortared too (how unsporting, being in a war zone)!
  11. I am sure there has been times when food was not ‘on tap’ and maybe people have been moaning home. Probably more so when out on patrol.

    But from what I can gather supplies to the ops seem pretty good, and haven’t heard any complaints. Haven’t had a request for bread and water (yet!!!).
  12. MB,
    Yes, I phoned the station in question to confirm what had been said.
    I didn't catch the news in question, my flatmate gave me the initial details and I wanted to hear what they had to say on the background of the story.
    It was a case of parents calling in and offering these stories to the station concerned.
    I'm not trying to feed/start/fabricate an expose on short comings of the logistics in theatres (I do not mean the lovely lads and lassies from the RLC- I mean the government, the MOD and their many failings...and their embarrassing positive spin that everything is rosey in the garden when it patently bluudy isn't).
    I am trying to establish whether these claims have any veracity, i.e.- is it true...or is it a case of people needlessly dripping or possibly exaggerating their circumstances

    Sorry for all the fuss ...I didn't broadcast this, I'm just a messenger, I was only trying wasn't me it was the one armed man.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It'll be another non story made up and twisted to sell copy. Chances are some Tom has told mummy that sometimes he's hungry and can't get stickies and so on which the journo has put 2 and 2 together and come up with the usual 6.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Really and your basing your judgement on what exactly?

    Speaking Also as an Ex-solider who had this exact situation going on last year. I can confirm that we were not sending tabasco and marmite. Rather we were sending dried food stuffs eg, rice and pasta noodles and small tinned goods such as sardine fillets in oil and also dried fruit and "energy" bars. Basically we sent stuff that wasn't going to get smashed in the post.

    And I can assure you our lads and his mates in 3para were happy to receive it.
  15. My mate in Khandar told me he couldn't even get a cup of coffee because it was held in reserve for the officers. I offerred to mail him some when he then pointed out he had no kettle! So now theres a kettle and few bags of coffee winging its way to afghanistan.